Ned Colletti Says The Dodgers Don’t Need Manny Machado

Ned Colletti spent a long-time building the roster of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Moreover, his wisdom gives him the right to speak on things like roster construction and personnel of a big league club. Colletti has strong feelings about the 2019 Dodgers – and their lack of need for free agent Manny Machado.

Colletti feels that the Dodgers are loaded.

“It’s not like the team is missing great players. They’ve got great players in the same spot.”

It’s not a quote that will make major headlines. However, Colletti’s confidence in the Dodgers should carry weight with all of us.

In the end, Machado’s Dodgers career will be measured over 66 regular season games and a star-crossed postseason filled with some drama. Looking ahead, the Dodgers still have Justin Turner, Chris Taylor, and a returning Corey Seager left to fill any void that Machado’s departure leaves.

Equally important – there is a reason that the Dodgers are projected to win 90-plus ballgames. Colletti’s long history in the game likely helps him deduct the possibility that this will come to fruition.

And let’s face it, Los Angeles doesn’t need someone within the clubhouse that leads to moments like this one:

Still, Manny Machado shouldn’t head through the exit doors without being appreciated for what he was in the City of Angels. He was a valuable player who had some big knocks and helped the team reach a second consecutive World Series. Ultimately – the team came up short – and so our memories of Machado will be less fond.

Colletti is likely correct in his assessment, but what do you think? Do the Dodgers contain a strong enough core to get by without him? Or should they have made a stronger attempt to re-sign the young franchise player? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Actually this Dodger team is pretty much the team that ned built. The farm system was his. Friedman has only had one sucess in the draf over 5 years, t and there are no sure things in the system anymore.

      1. Gordon……….Thank you!……..So many Dodger fans seem to overlook this fact and never give him the credit for what he and his front office group/scouts assembled here. They only seem to remember the players he signed who failed to produce, ignoring the end result.

        1. One of the first things Ned did when he became GM of the Dodgers was to cut Jayson Werth. Jayson was coming off injury and Ned didn’t even give him a chance. Made a lot of bad expensive signings along the way as well. As far as I’m concerned, Ned is a buffoon.

    2. Don’t under value Ned Colletti. He did a great job as GM. Guggenheim wanted their own analytic guys. Dodgers don’t need Machado as much as they need a catcher and another #1 starter like Kluber. Don’t hate just because your opinion is different. Colletti saved this team after the Fox disaster and had success in spite of the McCourts.

  1. I think signing machado would be a great thing for the Dodgers. He is the type of player that willl put you over the top. Machado 3B Seager SS Turner 2B Belly or Muncy 1B this a very strong infield. Your outfield would be Verdugo LF Pullock CF Belly RF or Tyler or Kiki and if we can land Realmuto Amazing Team. Machado would make us a Elite team and almost guaranteed a World Series return and a strong shot of winning it all.

    1. Colletti is right……Macahdo for a full year or two would improve this team immensely…….but you cannot assume he would be willing to play third……..and you cannot assume he will take less than a long term deal, but it’s possible…..and you cannot overlook the fact that he is going to cost 230 million to 250 to sign…….that’s just TOO much money. Ask the Angels how badly they would like to re-do that Pujols deal.

    2. Machado didn’t put the Dodgers over the top. Justin Turner has a bigger plate presence than Machado. Pitching wins world series with guys getting on base. Dodger’s need more quality pitchers. They also need to stop platooning a bunch of .250 hitters and find some guys that hit over .300. We only have Turber and Seagar that do that. But, once again Dodgers go out and get a guy that only played 100 games and hit .270. Continuing the platoon theory of baseball. Does not work in the World Series where you’re playing top pitchers who can dominate weak hitters. Yet, Roberts kept Kike in there after starting 0-21. Roberts has no feel for his team snd manages from a computer. Alex Cora dominated him in the WS. Now, we’ve only gotten worse as a team. Uig for Pollock? That’s supposed to be an upgrade?

  2. I agree with Colletti. Machado is not needed, and I don’t care for his lax style and dubious actions on the field. Bon voyage. Have someone else overpay you and be burdened by an outrageous contract.

    By the way, to Clint: the word is “deduce,” not “deduct.”

  3. It would have been great to have Manny for a full season before judge him. Was three months really enough? There are no perfect players and they are all going to do something dumb sometimes just to change the game in their team’s favor. The Dodgers need another right handed bat in my opinion and Manny is an impact player. We hope as fans that A.J. Pollock Will do really well to help the team go all the way this year.

  4. We need a legit, consistent and power producing player with swagger. We’ve got a good core that takes us to the Championship round but we need a player who changes the opponent’s game plan and delivers when pressure is the WS.
    Machado is that kind of player.

  5. I would love to see Manny back on a 2-4 year contract with a high AAV. That lineup would be amazing with Saeger now back. It would also be insurance for Saeger who may not be ready by opening day.

  6. I was not impressed with him, and super glad they had no interest in signing him. Oriole fans were also glad to see him go. Not the kind of player you want to be stuck with on a long term deal, whoever signs him will live to regret it in my opinion.

  7. Dodgers are nowhere as good on paper as they were last year.
    Pitching will carry them to playoffs in a very weak
    If Cory can’t play short stop they are really in trouble and the miss on Muchado will be huge.
    Terrible player moves this off season.
    Milwaukee is the best in the west.

    1. I agree Rick. Lost Puig, Machado, Dozier, Kemp, Wood, Grandal. Only signed Pollock and Kelly.Yankees got much better and so did other teams. Dodgers did not. Dodgers are playing bargain shopping baseball. Just a hedge fun corporation making money off of Dodger fans. They’re going to waste Kershaw’s last few years by not putting this team over the top. Kasten believes because Dodger stadium sells out that they’re doing good enough. All they’ve done since they got here was trim payroll. Roberts is a puppet who has no feel for his team and got out managed by Cora. Then, he yucks it up on the field in Boston for the anniversary of Red Sox world series. Then, we get awe shucks guys i tried. Just like he tried when he left Dsrvish out there in game 7. He doesn’t bleed Dodger blue, he’s a Red Sox guy managing the Dodgers. Can I have Ned Colletti back?

  8. The rumor mill is still working overtime. This afternoon, I heard that Realmuto has narrowed it down to three teams – the same teams he narrowed it down to last week and the week before. If its us, fine!!! If not, lets end the suspense. If the latter is the case, I might try for a short deal involving Machado as PaulDodgerFan suggests. It would provide another right handed bat in the lineup. Kluber appears to be out of the mix but Kuichel might still be attainable. The next 10 days should prove to be interesting. Go Blue!!!!

    1. BLUE LOU! I concur that the Realmuto saga has gone on far enough. I am not sure many would agree with me here on this but IF Verdugo is a key piece to get this deal done then so be it.

  9. Machado is not a Dodgers type player, we shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for any players actions or attitude while wearing Dodger blue.

  10. Machado was a rental to fill in while Seager was injured. I always thought that was pretty clear from the moment they got him, and the organization and Manny Machado himself have seemed to make that clear too. Once the off-season started, a whole bunch of out-of-town sportswriters started thinking they would resign him. Not sure where they got that idea.

  11. Cf Pollock 270/20
    SS Seager 270/20
    3b Turner 295/20
    RF Bellinger 260/25
    1b Muncy/Freese 265/30
    2b Taylor/ Kike 265/15
    Lf Verdugo/Toles 265/10

    Not a bad lineup as is. Very conservative projections Then with Kershaw, Buehler, Ryu, Hill, Maeda…
    A pretty formidable starting 5 with plenty of backup.

    1. The only issue I would have with your lineup projections is there are 3 spots you have as a platoon position and that I can’t go along with. Boston didn’t win the WS with a lineup full of platooning.

  12. The Dodgers history with injuries the last few years should never lead one to assess that they don’t need a player. Its not like having Manny would make the club worse. Can they win without him? Of course. Can they win with him? Of course. If Seager doesn’t come back 100%. If Turner goes down for an extended time. If AJ continues his freak accidents. If Muncy isn’t the star we saw but rather a flash. So many variables go into the season that to say you dont need a talent like Manny is ignorant in my personal opinion. Now I have the greatest respect for Ned, have his books, thought he assembled a great farm, but I disagree on this point. Its not like we have won the World Series the last 2 years in a row. Yes, they could make it to the WS as is, but here is a guy who has proven pretty reliable and he is out there, and possibly wondering “wtf, where are the teams?”, so maybe the price comes down. Crazier things have happened, and I dont think that will, but the attitude we dont need a talent like that is not positive thinking, but short sighted.

  13. If a situation arises wherein we do not acquire Realmuto, or Kluber, I would make an offer for Manny M. for three years around $75 million. Shit Corey to second. Right handed power hitters in their prime do not come along that often. Of course, I wonder if by waiting until March to sign, Manny wants to opt out of spring training. Go Blue!!!

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