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NL West Pennant Race: Who has the Advantage?

The battle for the NL West title is still going, but don’t worry our Dodgers are holding onto first place tighter than ever! After a nail biting three game series against the San Francisco Giants, lets look forward to see what the future may hold as we compare the two teams.

Of course the Dodgers are still ahead by a game and a half, but what will it take to keep this title and go all the way to the top? Lets take a look.

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First, lets look at the schedule. The Giants are looking at traveling for the next three series as they go to Chicago, Colorado and Arizona; then make it back to the bay for two more series.Our Dodgers are at home for the next two series, but then travel for three more before we face the Giants in Los Angeles on September 19th.

Dodger Fans Should Expect An Exciting September

The Giants start off the month by playing the Chicago Cubs. The odds are in the Cubs favor, especially because a large portion of their wins are at home.

Team Wins Losses Percentage
Giant 72 60 0.545
Cubs 85 47 0.644

After Chicago, the Giants move to Colorado to play the Rockies, then to Arizona to play the Diamondbacks. These two series will be interesting to watch because both these teams have a sub .500 record.

Team Wins Losses Percentage
Rockies 64 69 0.481
D-Backs 56 77 0.421

Now lets take a look at our Dodgers. They start off this month at home against the San Diego Padres. In the past, we haven’t had an issue leaving this series with a win, so lets see if these games will follow that trend.

Team Wins Losses Percentage
Dodgers 74 59 0.556
Padres 55 78 0.414

Our next opponent at home is the Diamondbacks, who we play twice this month (next series is Sept. 15 in Arizona). Then the team will fly over to Miami to play the Marlins, followed by a trip to New York to play the Yankees. Lets see how these teams compare.

Team Wins Losses Percentage
D-Backs 56 77 0.421
Marlins 67 66 0.504
Yankees 69 63 0.523

The Dodgers are definitely facing more difficult teams in comparison to the Giants. The next time we play the Giants, we would have faced two teams with a plus .500 record in comparison to the Giants one team.

Dodgers Set to Start Series With Padres


  1. I’m pretty critical of content on sport’s websites but I gotta tell ya, this chick seems pretty dialed in.  Nice analysis – only a matter of time before we see her on FoxSports or ESPN.

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