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One Person Just Can’t Let Go Of McCourt…

New Los Angeles Dodgers owners (L-R) Robert L. Patton, Jr., Stan Kasten, Mark Walter, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Peter Guber, and Todd Boehly | REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

The Dodgers are 24-11, and enjoying the best record in baseball. They lead the National League West by 6.0 games over the Giants and 9.5 games over the Diamondbacks.

New ownership officially took over on May 1st 2012.  Fans are excited, crowds at the stadium are slowly increasing, oh and parking went from $15 to $10 immediately.

Things are good in Dodger Town…but not to one person.

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers 2012

Look deep into the crowd of happy Dodger fans around the world. Not too deep this person is right here in Los Angeles.

This person is angry with all of the success that surrounds the Dodgers. He envisions that it would hurt the well-being of the Dodgers and community if Frank McCourt had anything to do with parking revenue.

Find him?

It’s T.J. Simers from the LA Times. Over the years this man was one of Frank McCourts’s main enemies.  He voiced everyone’s frustration of the former Dodger owner, and even helped to show him the door. A real people’s hero.

Fast forward to today and you would think he’s in the middle of a divorce settlement with Frank and trying to find every dime he can squeeze out of him.

He obsesses about the parking lot revenue as if he contributes to it.

Coming from someone who actually does contribute, I don’t care what portion of the revenue McCourt gets. I do care that I save $5 on parking per game, thanks to our new ownership group. I’ve gone to games and see that fans are happy and willing to come back.

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Rather than drilling new ownership on McCourt, try embracing them show fans how pleasant Dodger Stadium is and how ticket prices and parking cost are down.

Someone needs to tap Simers on the shoulder and let him know Frank is gone.

Let him know that it’s OK to let go. As much as it hurts just let go and say goodbye.

I have.

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