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Opening Day : Highlights!




What a wonderful way to start the season. The weather was in the 80’s, perfect! Don Mattingly’s managerial debut, perfect! Clayton Kershaw’s first opening day start, near perfect! Being a dodger fan and watching your team beat the Giants (2010 World Series Champs?), PRICELESS.





  • Kershaw strikes out 7 Giants, while cruising through 7 innings scoreless innings.
  • Kemp had 1 hit and 3 walks with a steal. Very nice to see his patients at the plate.
  • Dodgers use 3 pitchers to completed the victory.

This is a great way to start the season. True, it’s only 1 game. But this is against the world champs, arch rival, inner division Giants. Bottom line the Dodgers set the tone and it’s music to my ears.

Go Blue!



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  1. It all gets better from here, right? Right! All that wasn’t perfect was Broxton v. Burrell. But, he hit the fastball regularly at 97 MPH and topped at 99 against Brandon Belt. All in all, I liked what I saw from these Dodgers.

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