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In every MLB season, it’s tradition for rookies to dress up as a group. There aren’t necessarily guidelines for the hazing aside from all rookies needing to participate and wear what’s been picked out for them.

This season, the Los Angeles Dodgers had their rookies dress up as superheroes for an early look at Halloween. Barring any photos that may end up on social media, we likely won’t get the opportunity to see what costumes the majority of veteran players may wear on Friday.

With that in mind, DodgersNation took the luxury in placing some of the players in costume. Up first is Adrian Gonzalez, who has a small resemblance to Clark Kent and Superman, right? Gonzalez did just win the first Fielding Bible Award of his career and is a Gold Glove nominee.

And of course given the friendship that exists between Juan Uribe and Hyun-Jin Ryu, Timon and Pumbaa seemed appropriate for them. Remember, Ryu recently wore a hat with Uribe’s name across the front.

Yasiel Puig’s ability to essentially do anything and everything earned him a MegaMan costume, whereas the remaining outfielders were left to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



Puig MegaMan

OF Turtles

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