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Public Ownership Of Dodgers? LA City Council Votes : YES!

Want To Own A Piece Of The Dodgers?


Possible? Sure. Likely? Lets just say we have a better shot of Obama coming in and rallying to buy the Dodgers, promising ‘CHANGE’ and free health care for season ticket holders. Don’t shy away, 80% of us would still welcome it with open arms. The other 20% are the empty seats. That’s exactly why all this ‘Public ownership of the Dodgers‘ talk has even made headlines.  Let’s just say the Dodgers did go up for sale.


There are still numerous road blocks:

  • MLB would never allow it. Without their approval,  LA City Councils wishes are worth as much as Frank McCourts.
  • Even if MLB was open to the idea, the other team owners wouldn’t. Public ownership would mean public books throughout all of baseball. I’d bet that the other teams have no interest in that.
  • As long as their is an interested party to buy the Dodgers (Cuban, Orel, Garvey & Co., etc…) no chance public ownership would even come up.

For the sake of argument, let’s say nobody else wanted to buy the Dodgers, MLB was on board, and all the brilliant owners that allowed Frank McCourt to own the Dodgers, were welcoming the idea of Public Ownership of the Dodgers.

How would it work?  The idea is 800M cash to buy the Dodgers as a nonprofit, which would leave them debt free. How much per share? Would you be willing to pay 8k-10k for a single share of the Los Angeles Dodgers? I can say, I honestly would.

There are few things that are priceless…Owning a piece of the Los Angeles Dodgers is truly priceless.


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  1. and how do you decide what players to sign? what players to trade with 100,000 owners?

  2.  There would be a board which is responsible for handling the management side of things….

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