Puig-A-Palooza Recap: Yasiel Puig Leads Postgame NL West Division Championship Celebration

Hell hath no fury like Yasiel Puig after winning something – especially the National League West. It’s happened every year of the Wild Horse’s career, and he was in an especially jovial mood last evening. As I drove home from where I watched the game and turned on AM570 with David Vassegh, the first thing I heard was Puig being Puig. And it was beautiful.

And so, when someone was assigned this post to recap the Puig chaos; I absolutely wanted to be the one. There’s more, there’s a lot more. The Los Angeles Dodgers possibly have the most entertaining player in baseball on their roster. This man is both the question, and the answer.

Still, so much has been made of Puig the teammate. I really took the time to soak in some of the details you don’t get to see over the course of a 162 game season. Watching Puig with his teammates, one may argue there is no Dodger who is more enjoyed by the rest of his clubhouse.

Furthermore – the reason this is so rich is this isn’t Yasiel Puig doing a cosplay on how to be fun. This is, the very essence of Puig. He is a true ‘glue guy’, and you can tell the media enjoys him. Puig your friend enjoys the media, too.

I watch a video like this – Puig making over a young Walker Buehler like a proud papa – and I think we all wish we could have co-workers like this.

There’s nothing like Puig-bravado. It’s long been one of my favorite things about Puig – remember when he said Justin Verlander was in for the ride of his life in Game Six last year? The Wild Horse guaranteed that there would be a seventh game. Well, that happened again. This is so good.

Puig Was Everywhere On Monday Night:

It was late in the night and on our slack chat, I said to the group ‘imagine what Puig is up to right now’. Brook Smith responded about as perfectly as he could – that Puig was probably feeling so toasty – he robbed his own home. Nevertheless, the reality probably wasn’t far from that.

More Wild Horse raging:

I’m sorry, but if you think there is a player in baseball more colorful than Puig; you are going to lose that argument with me. This post serves as the proof.

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