Real Reason Why Dodgers Struggle Against Padres, Will LA Win NL West?

After last night’s 6-2 loss to San Diego, the Dodgers are now 3-5 against the Padres this year. We take a deep dive into why the Dodgers have been mediocre to bad against the Padres and Giants this year and what exactly they need to do to start winning more consistently against the top clubs in the NL West. Plus, Mookie Betts and Will Smith are heating up and Dave Roberts on why the Padres are so tough to beat.

Next, we get the very latest on Max Muncy, Cody Bellinger, and Corey Seager. Plus, how much of the Dodgers cold streaks on offense can be attributed to injuries?



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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. The Dodgers when healthy and in place the lineup is a pitcher nightmare. Just like the Padres starting lineup. As we all watched Mondays game. Truly a butt kicking lineup and they did. I look forward to watching todays game

  2. It’s pretty obvious why the Dodgers struggle against the Padres. How about San Diego has a all-star lineup not to mention the pitching is of the same. I have to remind myself that we are lacking three all-star players. So that being said we have a little handicap. Our struggle is not are best players and we are still punching out the wins. Even our second best are high caliber. Just younger player with great potential.

  3. The reason is simple, the Padres are a better team right now all around including stealing bases against Dodgers at the will. Dodgers won’t win the NL WEST this year. The Giants are also a better team right now and either they or Padres will take the Division this year.

    1. love the optimism. Season isn’t even half over and the Dodgers are 2nd best team in NL. Lets get our best players back and see how they fare first

  4. We didn’t struggle with the Padres last year when we swept them out of the postseason. Let’s see what happens when we’re at full strength again.

    1. Yes but the Padres didn’t have the pitching staff they have now. They’re a much more improved team. Not only do the Dodgers need to get healthy, they also need to be in sync. No more crappy offensive games when the pitching staff does more than its share.

      1. True. True. True. Full strength or not, if you don’t hit you’re not scoring, not scoring – no wins. Just hit the ____ ball esp. down middle – middle, centercut. Sick and tired of watching 10+ K’s per game. Looking for walks, falling behind count, then swinging @ pitcher’s pitch is a pathetic AB. Get in the box and be ready to attack the pitch the pitcher will make a mistake on, aka. Urias , Kershaw, Bauer’s hangers.

  5. Bauer, give it a break! Do you know how difficult it would be to glance down, pick up the sign, decipher it and decide how to hit the ball? Don’t be such a cry baby, you lost and I hope you lose tonight.

  6. Its a bit too early in the season to rule the Dodgers out against the Padres or Giants. But in regards to the Padres, I see a hunger that only a team determined to win a championship will have when playing through a long season. Could be wrong as only time will tell.

  7. Dave Roberts and the Dodgers need to recognize that the Padres, like the Angels always turn up the intensity against them. In the past, I would always say that the Dodgers just consider both teams just another opponent. Well, it’s time that Robers and Company change that mind-set. BOTH teams play Dodger Blue with such intensity, firing up their players and fans. Dodger Blue MUST turn up the inentsity against both of these teams!

  8. The fact is Roberts don’t motivate this team. This lackadaisical bull is pissing me off. You need to put fear in teams. Nobody scared of this team. This team is wack

    1. Yes I said it before, Doc’s style of this rah-rah fake act is all BS. His goody- too- shoes to all the players make the guys complacent and a “whatever “ attitude. Kick some a_ _ like Lasorda would. As World Champs, they should be the bully out there by hitting the covers off the ball, KO’ing the opponents, playing solid defense, and running crazy on the bases. Sounds familiar? Hate to say it but the Friars look like world champs right now. Dodgers better get their act together because this is not a rivalry but total dominance by one team and it ain’t by the Doyers.

  9. For me the reason the Dodgers struggle against the Padres is lack of emotion. The Dodgers looked as flat as I’ve seen them this season on Monday night. I figured with Kershaw pitching last night they would step it up a notch, but nothing doing. They looked just as flat.
    Don’t know if its the hype surrounding the championship from last year, or they have great talent and just expect to win and if not ho-hum, but its time Roberts has one of those closed door meetings. Oh that’s right, Roberts doesn’t do that, he’s the players best friend???
    Only time through the dog days of summer will tell.

  10. Same story….The Padres have finally put together a Post Season-worthy team. They are hungry and want to win. Same for the Giants, who, lest we forget, won 3 WS in 5 years not too long ago. Much better recent record than our Boys in Blue.

    Bottom line – Dodger offense needs to step it up. 4-runs over 2 games is pathetic. This team needs to start “manufacturing” runs. Walk, bunt, sac fly, etc. The Dodgers need to adjust their strategy and approach EVERY GAME. I know that management relies heavily on analytics (i.e. “Moneyball”) but Dave Roberts has enough acumen to determine which plays and players to make and use on the field.

    Bases juiced no outs and you can’t score a run in a tight game? That’s the kind of thing that comes back to haunt you at the end of the season when you are clearing out your locker come October.

    Yes, our team has many key players out with injuries. But that is why I say we need to adjust our strategy and approach to each game.

    Stop making excuses, Dodgers! This is the year to prove it! Last year was an abbreviated season and this year’s team (on paper) is even better than last years.

    But you have to take it all to shut up the haters!

    1. Pollock is not the same as he was in the past, even Bellinger when healthy does not seem to be the same. Lux is not what they advertized he was going to be, he is just another ball player.
      Dodgers need an equitable long man out of the pen and another quality starter. Betts has become very ifi, swinging at bad pitches, DODGERS NEED TO MAKE A LOT OF CHANGES, WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR, MAYBE.

      1. What changes would you make? You going to get rid of Betts or Bellinger or Lux? I don’t think so. My opinion is like a lot of other commenters and that is there seems to be a lack of intensity. That, combined with the fact we can’t seem to get most of our players healthy at the same time is killing us. Seager is a HUGE loss as well. The thing is, all teams go up and down throughout the long season. It will happen to the Padres and Giants too and then it will seem like the Dodgers have all the energy and determination. It’s a long season. I still have faith.

  11. Very simple. The Padres and Giants want to beat the Dodgers like it’s the world series. The Dodgers are also banged up which is effecting their offense. No Bellinger, No Seager is No Bueno. The Dodgers have won 8 division titles and are the current World Champs. If you think they don’t have a target on their back with every team they play, think again. Here’s hoping they get healthy soon and dominate the second half like we know they are truly capable of, and put the the giants and padres where they rightfully belong, below the Dodgers in the standings!

    1. it’s affecting their offense. When we get everyone back then we’ll see if the Dodgers will repeat. They should; Once they get going again they’ll be fine.

  12. The games are close…the Padres bats are hot and they run like the Maury Wills,Willie Davis and Davey Lopes teams. In fact, it’s ironic to see the Dodgers losing too such base speed. Looks like Padres win this round….Doc needs to get his team well and
    competive. Stop calling up and down the same minor leaguers not ready like yoyos.

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