Reddit: Los Angeles Dodgers Third-Most Hated Team In MLB

MLB hated teams
The Los Angeles Dodgers currently hold the best record in the National League and are considered one of the favorites to reach the World Series.

However, the Dodgers are also a team that is part of an ongoing TV rights dispute, have irked opponents in recent memory and according to a survey conducted on Reddit by user scolbert08, are the third-most hated team in MLB.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Dodgers are the most-hated team in their own state, though it may be attributed to their rivalry with the San Francisco Giants and run-ins with the San Diego Padres.

In terms of overall votes, the Dodgers finish behind the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, but are ‘more hated’ than the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, among others.

A continent map courtesy of Reddit user kmhokies35 reveals the Yankees are by far the most-hated team across the majority of the continents, with the exception being Australia where the Dodgers were voted most-hated and where they opened the 2014 MLB season.

Top-10 most hated teams via survey:

1. New York Yankees: 722 (votes)

2. Boston Red Sox: 381

3. Los Angeles Dodgers: 300

4. St. Louis Cardinals: 255

5. San Francisco Giants: 201

6. Los Angeles Angels: 124

7. Philadelphia Phillies: 91

8. Atlanta Braves: 84

9. Detroit Tigers: 82

10. Washington Nationals: 64
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  1. Usually when someone hates you, it’s because you’re good.

    Isn’t it coincidental out of all of the other continents, the Dodgers were most hated by Australia, and that’s where the Dodgers opened up the season?

  2. Silly conclusion, besides being small sample size, you would need corresponding loves survey,no doubt you would find the same teams also had most fans, the basketball survey showed basically the same thing, certain teams tend to polarize people.

  3. I am in my 60’s now. I used to dislike certain teams. The way I look at teams now you are not a fan of is this way. Those teams have had to rebuild at times when they did not get the best players in the draft because they were winning and on top. Last year I got upset at Rooney and and Shannon on Cardinal Radio during the NLCS . They spouted the CARDINAL WAY, Rooney seemed to resent the Dodgers rebuilding so quickly the way they did in signing free agents and trades. The new ownership showed it was serious about competing for real. I understand now it takes work and effert to be at this place now. It is silly to hate a team, learn to respect them instead.

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