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Dodgers Rich Hill Leaves Game vs. Giants with Apparent Injury

Rich Hill has left Wednesday’s matchup with the Giants due to an apparent injury.

Trainers checked on Hill and he was immediately taken out of the game after just 15 pitches.

Hill has been a major stabilizer of the Dodgers’ pitching staff, putting together a solid 2.60 ERA on the season across 52 innings.

A report came out later on that it was not his fingers/blisters, it was his forearm:

UPDATE: After some back and forth on the word of choice to describe Hill’s elbow/forearm issue, he got better news after the game.

He is expected to hit the Injured List on Thursday.

Check here for more updates as we receive them on Hill’s status.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. Rich Hill was pulled out of the game after 15 pitches….and I would be remiss if I did not give our bull pen its “props” for handling business. Although our offense was again on point, Dodgers’ relief pitching kept the Giants from scoring more than a few. (And of course, great defensive plays by the rest of our guys did not hurt.) Bringing Kelly in for the last few innings of a low leverage game (at that point) was a good move. And now its time for the Dodgers to take the series tonight……. GO DODGERS!

  2. Last night prior to the game, the Giant announcers were telling their audience that Rich Hill and Drew Pomeranz were similar pitchers to one another. I wanted to do the broadcast with them just so i could wisecrack, yea, they are so similar that Rich Hill is 4-1 with a 2.55 ERA and Pomeranz is 2-7 with a 7.00 run ERA.

  3. I am concerned for Hill…..he said he has been feeling pain in that forearm the last couple of his starts.

    He has been pitching so well too.

    Hope this is not too serious and wish him well… does not sound like something that is just going to go away without some type of surgery.

  4. I cannot stand to listen to the Giants’ announcers. However, I turned to ESPN to shut that noise down and got more of the same from Dave Fleming, ERG. Nevertheless, its always wonderful to win and laugh as the Giants’ announcers grovel.
    I, too, hope that Rich Hill is alright and that his issue is not something serious enough to warrant surgery.

    1. Actually, I thought the Giants announcers were extremely complimentary of the Dodgers… This series of games.

      1. Thank you for specifying that you opine that “the Giants announcers were extremely complimentary of the Dodgers…. this series…” Because there is such disparity between the Dodgers and the Giants’ overall performances right now, I guess its a bit harder for the Giants’ announcers not to compliment the Dodgers when we play them. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to leave the volume alone. Go Dodgers!

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