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Royals Pitcher Speaks Out After Hitting Mookie Betts, Injuring Dodgers Star

Kansas City Royals pitcher Dan Altavilla threw the fateful fastball in the seventh hitting that struck Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Mookie Betts in the hand. The 98-mph pitch fractured Betts’ hand, and caused him to drop to the ground in pain.

Altavilla said after the game that there was zero intent behind the pitch that ended up hitting Betts in the hand. “Absolutely no intent,” Altavilla said, via USA Today. “I was trying to go inside in a 1-2 count and it slipped armside out of my hand. I really hope he’s OK.”

After the injury, Betts explained his mindset going into facing Altavilla before his hand was hit badly. “You just gotta stay in there. Can’t be scared, you know, kind of stay there, especially with a guy with a pretty good slider,” Betts said, via SportsNet LA. “Just kind of up and in. I was holding my ground. Unfortunately, it hit me in the hand.”

Betts will now be out for a while, with no exact schedule for when he will be able to return. The injury will not require surgery, but Betts at the very least is expected to miss several weeks of action, perhaps months.

The Dodgers will certainly miss Betts while he is out. The seven-time MLB All-Star and former American League MVP was on his way to another All-Star caliber season. Betts is slashing .304/.405/.488 with 10 home runs and 40 RBI.

In the meantime, Miguel Rojas and Kiké Hernández are expected to fill in at shortstop for Betts.

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. SO sorry about Mookie’s injury !! I was watching when it happened, and my heart was breaking for him. I wish him a speedy recovery !! I watch every Dodger game… He will be sorely missed!!

  2. This will be a huge major blow to the Dodgers unless they can very soon obtain a formidable player to take his place. The Dodgers anyway need to make several changes and additions if they want to be in the post season.

  3. Totally agree with Audrey and Albert. Problem started in the off-season, however. Dodgers needed 2 top infielders, at least 2 top outfielders, at least 2 top starting pitchers and at least a top closer. They filled few of those holes. Mookie should play RF, Heyward and Taylor should be off the team, and on and on. Plus , I truly believe that the Ohtani deal was not a smart move. He cannot pitch, no one knows how well he will ever again pitch, and they made it impossible to sign all of the great free agents available. Bottom half of the lineup is mediocre at best. Could any rational thinker out there hold another view.

  4. ” Zero intent ” my azz! What was he going to say: ” yeah, you want to phuc around and get a free base against this with a cheap interference challenge, u get got! 10% chance that mf didn’t do it on purpose. Usually a pitcher will wait an inning until they throw at a hitter though, so as not to look too guilty. And if it was coincidence, thwn he meant to go inside super close to scare off Betts n make a statement! Anyways…. It is what it is. If was pitching for LAD, I’d hit Witt. Probably good i washed out of HS ball I guess..

  5. It’s the same comments from the fans of every team when someone gets hit. Most of the time, not always, nobody, but nobody knows if the HBP was intentional or not. I don’t believe that a pitcher wants to hurt a batter even if he intentionally hits him. However, that’s the chance a pitcher takes when he intentionally or unintentionally hits a batter. Unfortunately, it’s part of the game.

  6. I think if he intended to hit him he would have aimed at the body. That he hit the hand shows that the pitch was not that far off, so it is crazy to think it was intentional.

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