Rumor: Dodgers & Reds Harang or Not To Harang

Dodgers & Reds : Harang Or Not To Harang, That Is The Question.


UPDATE: (12/22/09)
Mark Sheldon reports, “There are no new talks regarding Reds and Dodgers and Aaron Harang, as reported elsewhere. LA inquired but CIN not receptive to offer.”

UPDATE: (12/22/09)
Jeff Passon reports, “And word from sources that the Los Angeles Dodgers’ pursuit of Aaron Harang is not, in fact, dead, and that a trade sending reliever George Sherrill to the Cincinnati Reds remains possible. The holdup: The Reds want a prospect of some merit from Los Angeles in addition to Sherrill – especially since Cincinnati is willing to eat nearly $10 million of Harang’s $14 million salary and thus keep the deal a financial wash for the skid-row Dodgers – and also need to find a taker for Sherrill. The former closer, who should earn about $4.3 million in arbitration, would serve as trade bait for the Reds, who want to hoard prospects.”

Dylan Hernandez reports, Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti on talks with Cincinnati: “That’s all but dead.”

Tim Brown reports via Twitter that the Harang to Dodgers trade is “Not Happening”.

Dylan Hernandez reports, “The Dodgers have started exploring a possible trade with the Cincinnati Reds for pitcher Aaron Harang. Harang was 6-14 with a 4.21 earned-run average this year in a season that was cut short by an emergency appendectomy he underwent in August.

The Reds are asking for one or two players on the Dodgers’ major league roster in return.

The Dodgers would want the Reds to pay for a portion of the $15 million Harang would be guaranteed if he is traded.”

This sounds like an absolute horrible trade proposal. I wish it was April 1st, so I would know I’m being fooled, but unfortunately it’s Dec. 16th. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for adding starting pitching, in fact it’s a must. However, Aaron Harang at his salary and the price of losing 1-2 MLB roster players, really rubs me the wrong way. Any trade involving the Reds better be 1 of 2 names, Bronson Arroyo or Brandon Phillips.

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  1. Harang at one point was a pitcher with as bright a future as any other. However, he never progressed. He enjoyed his best season in 2007, posting a record of 16-6, with a 3.73 ERA.

    The club is obviously shying away from spending any money, so why make this move?

    His contract is even more of a headache:

    2009: $11 million, 2010: $12.5 million, 2011: $12.75 million club option w/$2 million buyout (becomes $14.5 million mutual option if traded), 2012: Free Agent

    I agree that the target needs to be Bronson Arroyo and/or Brandon Phillips from the Reds.

    They mentioned Chin-Lung Hu as a good start for a trade for Harang. How about Blake DeWitt, James McDonald and Hu for Arroyo and Phillips?

  2. 6 wins for 11M? is it safe to say Harang is in a similar boat as Pierre? If so, we should be paying 1/2 his salary and giving up 2 PTBNL.

    Mets trying to get Arroyo + company, said it would have been done if the Mets only wanted Arroyo.

  3. Two low-level PTBNL at the very best. He can turn into a serviceable pitcher, but it’s just not likely.

  4. Harang for 4M, ins’t a bad deal, however Sherrill + prospect with “merit.” I don’t like this, I’d rather roll on prospects on Arroyo, then Harang.

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