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Rumor: Dodgers Eye Key Second Base Free Agent

It could be said that the Los Angeles Dodgers are comfortably in limbo in regards to the second base spot. Still, with the versatility that players like Chris Taylor, Kiké Hernandez, and Max Muncy offer; the team doesn’t need to feel desperate to make a signing. However, Jon Heyman mentioned a new name on Twitter on Friday to keep on your radar.

Heyman states that the Dodgers are ‘in play’ for Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Josh Harrison.

It’s important to note that the Dodgers are one of many teams who are in the market for Harrison. Without much depth around the tweet, it’s difficult to know the stage these talks are at. It could have been a single phone call or a comment from a member of the front office to Heyman that indicated interest.

Still, Harrison presents an interesting option for the Dodgers to look towards. A look at his baseball-reference page paints the picture of a solid big leaguer.

Harrison was an All-Star in 2014 and then again in a resurgent 2017 season. He will be entering his age-31 season in 2019. A lifetime .277 hitter, Harrison missed time in 2018 due to injury that led to a downtrodden year in 97 games. Over the course of his career, he’s displayed not only position versatility but a decent power/speed mix. Harrison has appeared in every position on the diamond except centerfield and first base.

While not much may become of this single rumor, the take home message is clear. The Dodgers are still exploring options to solidify themselves up the middle after the retirement of Chase Utley. The Ohio-born Harrison is a good teammate and a grinder by reputation. The front office will need to decide if his demand – which seems significant – is worth the price.

Would you like to see the Dodgers make a run at Josh Harrison? Why or why not?

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  1. Sounds just like Chris Taylor and Kiki Hernandez, who are already basically the same player, do they really need three of them?

    1. I would rather personally just go with Taylor. And I like Harrison’s fit with a number of other teams mentioned.

      1. Hey Clint ,hope the Holidays are going well for you! I said this before but the Dodgers would be BEST served with a full time 2nd baseman, either from in house or without, WHO WOULD NOT NEED TO BE PLATOONED. IMHO Muncy is not an answer, obviously due to defensive considerations…

    2. I would trade munc y for Gannett even up. Instead of going after kluber to after Bauer who is much cheaper or maybe wade Miley. Open the door for Harper then. I think meada is also expendable. He was shipped to the pen last year but the pen is pretty solid now and with kluber, so is the rotation

      1. Where would Reds play Muncy? Certainly not going to replace Joey Votto at 1b, not going to be anyone’s regular second baseman, and the NL does not have the DH.

  2. Absolutely not! Team does not need another retread second baseman. I prefer some combination of Kiké, CT3, Muncy for 2b in 2019 unless team can acquire a first rate second baseman like Merrifield, or Gennett, or even a younger guy like Daniel Robertson of the Rays. I am not a fan of paying LeMahieu, but I would much rather have him than Harrison.

    1. Hello SoCal. I too would prefer LeMahieu over Harrison but my main point is Dodgers must put a regular at that important middle INF. position who would NOT be platooned.

  3. Gavin Lux. Don’t block this kid. Would like to see him in the big leagues this year.

      1. Saw Lux last spring training. He was incredibly good. Defensively making tough plays and hit well with great contact. I saw him and now have a hard time understanding what it takes. Thought I was missing something because he didn’t make the team, then he got player of the year in minors. Must be a contract thing, He sure seems ready now.

    1. I agree. Gavin Lux needs to spread his wings now. Dont want another Verdugo player sitting in the minors for nothing.

  4. Dave the money, why spend it on another player, just like the other average hitters and fielders. Save the cash and make a deal for a catcher that can frame a pitch, keep a base runner honest and can hit over .280. Just a thought for Dodger front office, spent your time making us better, not more of the same.

  5. The current FRONT office is reluctant to bring up their so-called prospects i.e. Verdugo, or trade them to bring in players. Tired of too-much versatility/platooning.

  6. Another FA 2b option, although likely to be much more expensive than Harrison, is Marwin Gonzalez. Good bat and can play solid defense anywhere on the infield plus LF. Lux looks like the real deal with the bat, but another LH hitter. With the acquisition of Jeter Downs, development of Omar Estevez, and lower level middle infield prospects Ronnie Brito, Jacob Amaya, Deacon Liput, and Devin Mann, I wonder if Lux might be included in a trade for Kluber, or Realmuto, or Merrifield? If yes, then a second baseman like Gonzalez for a couple of years makes sense.

  7. I would like a more solid set line up, the versatility of the players we have is great, good to have although if someone gets in the lineup daily their more adapt to having play better and more comfortable. The notable players available all would be acceptable and good addition. I’m more concerned with catching at the moment. We need someone signed and now, also with the recent trade, thought it would be Cleveland for a lead starter and now we need a power hitting right fielder. Guess who? All I want is a game 7 winner and a ring for our guys in blue.

    1. I want to see more guys get everyday opportunity. A platoon may be justified at a spot or two. Not every spot in the lineup outside of SS/3B

  8. Marlins give: Realmuto, Starlin Castro and $7M.
    Marlins get: W Smith, Gavin Lux, D May

    1. I like the idea of getting Castro with Realmuto. Castro is only signed thru 2019 with a club option of $16M for 2020. However, I only want him as a stop gap until Lux is ready which should be 2020 or 2021 at latest. I would rather do Smith, Downs, Rijo and either May or Santana.

  9. I cannot take another season of platooning nearly everyone to hopefully gain some minuscule advantage. Players need to gel together defensively. Extensive platooning assures a decline in personal offensive numbers. I’d be happy with just about any of the aforementioned regular 2B men. All are capable. To me the important thing is an everyday middle infielder…and Muncy does not fit that bill.

    1. The platoon lineups make me want to rip my hair out. Even when they work it feels ugly. I can’t explain it. I loathe it. And other teams don’t quite do it this way. Subbing guys out in the 5th.

      1. Yes Clint. Subbing in the middle innings just burns through resources. Never liked it…never will.

      2. Clint, you said it best here and that’s exactly what was happening to me in 2018…and I think I may have been successful at that hair ripping and ripping of other things too! For them to even think of this platooning junk again in 2019 is an absolute disaster just waiting to happen!

    2. I WILL ECHO THAT SPOT ON BY SOCAL! I have already said my piece about that excessive compulsive platooning which indeed DID reduce players from potentially offensive good players to only marginal ones and THAT, along with our pitching staff that once again could not keep the baseball in the yard is why we went home in October with yet another WS loss. For the record, in these past 2 WS (12 games combined) the Dodger pitching surrendered 23 HR’s! Dodgers only countered with 16…..

  10. Everyday player vs platooning … it’s all about putting the TEAM in the best position to WIN consistently. Individual numbers mean nothing to me if we’re winning. And we’ve done a lot of winning. Painful fact – we didn’t win the WS two years in a row and it hurts deeeeeeply. But we’ve gone to the WS two years in a row. Which indicates that something is working. In 2017 I thought we were the better team … and we got outplayed. 2018, we got beat down by the better team. We had our moments in both but either the our bats didn’t deliver or their balls found a hole or left the park.

    I think our SP is fine to start the year. We’ve made moves for SP at the deadline before, so I feel good for now. The price for Kluber is too high for him not being a power arm … that’s what I like see us go after IF we go after a SP. But those have been known to cost a lot.

    Say YES to Harper but not for 10 years. Fewer years/ higher pay with opt out options could get the deal done. Not an original thought just piling on.

    Would love to see them work out a deal for Realmuto. So few offensive catchers in the game currently. However, that’s a pricey bridge to the future. I go back and forth on this one but you have to give talent if you want to acquire talent. Yaz was inconsistent and seemed to break down late in the season but over all he was above average on both sides of the ball and will be missed from time to time. I swear I’m not a Yaz apologist but he did provide value.

    Oh yeah and no to Harrison. Lots of team interested should drive his price up = good for JH. I just hope that if it’s an overpriced contract it’s not coming from us.

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

    GO BLUE!!!

  11. DodgerLou agrees with the vast majority of posters : lets make a concerted effort to reduce platooning as much as possible. If there is a player out there who is clearly heads and shoulders above who we currently have, then it is incumbent to look into an acquisition relative to cost. If, on the other hand, the player is not much better than who we have – offfensively and defensively – our money would be better spent filling the holes we currently have. Go Blue!!! Happy New Year all!!!

  12. Let’s remember that you don’t platoon good players. You platoon average or below average players. None of the good teams platoon more than one or two players
    at best. We platoon them all! Which means we have a serious problem all over and management knows it but can’t solve it. If they are using smoke and mirrors our day maybe done.

    1. Exactly! Players on this current team were platooned because they were marginal to begin with or made into marginal players. If we did not have a team of players only capable of hitting one side of a pitcher, then that’s what leads to this platooning , which IMHO will NOT get us a WS ring.

  13. To finish my thoughts scrap the platooning, let them play themselves into the minors. Our outfield last year was below average as a group and yet we left are top prospect in the minors. He didn’t even get a chance to play himself into the minor’s.

  14. With Zaidi now putting the roster together here in the pumpkin patch. Talk is did the steady platooning get the Dodgers to the world series, or did it hamper them in getting there. They sure platooned at a steady pace all season and made it the series..?? Will Zaidi do similar platoon strategy to improve the giants record.
    My question is, if no significant upgrades of players how much will they continue to use the platoon strategy? Please not as much as last yr.

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