Dodgers sign Jamey Carroll

UPDATE: Dodgers sign Jamey Carroll. Carroll will receive $3.85 M over 2 years.


Buster Olney at ESPN reports, “Jamey Carroll will choose between the two-year offers of Oak. and LA, probably today. Cleveland has been informed they are out.”

First, Buster says, “LA.” As a Dodger fan, the only LA baseball team is the Dodgers. However, in the baseball world and to a very small market area, some consider the Angels an LA team as well. That said, we’re not 100% sure this rumor involves the Dodgers. We do know the Dodgers are in need of a 2B, however I was pulling for a Brandon Phillips trade.

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  1. Carroll hit .276 in 93 games for Cleveland last season. He had 2 home runs and 26 RBIs. He posted an OPS of .695.

    Ned Colletti has said that Blake DeWitt will open up the 2010 season as the team’s starting second baseman, meaning Carroll comes on as a pinch hitter. I guess I could live with that.

    Note to NED: Swing that deal for Phillips. You have extra cash from the Pierre trade.

  2. Good Point.

    I can handle him in a PH role. Evening getting the start at 2B here and there, so DeWitt can give Casey the occasional break.

  3. Is it just me that feels Blake DeWitt will never pan out to be as good as some portray him? I wasn’t really impressed by his contributions in ’08.

    Nice refreshing site, by the way.

  4. Hemingway, I kind of feel the same way. However, on the other hand, I’d like to see him get a real shot at 2B. He’s a young guy who could really gain from management showing confidence in him. If it doesn’t work out, we can always look for a replacement via the trade wire.

  5. I like the signing….seems like some of the analysts are against it because its two years….except its less than 2 million a year which is fine….Blake DeWitt still gets the starting nod and we’ll get to see what he brings to the which I expect will be something close to a .270/.345/.420 line…which I could live with as a low expectation…..Carroll brings a solid bench presence and he rates out as a plus defender at 2B, 3B, and the outfield….and while not providing any power, can at least handle the bat well and has some patience, via a .352 lifetime OB%.
    Carroll will occasionally pinch hit and provides late inning defensive options….don’t see why anyone would be against that

  6. We needed players off the bench, and I agree wake3, it’s not a bad deal. Could we of done better? Sure, but not for that price.

    I’d really like to see us sign Bedard and possible trade for Javier or Arroyo.

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