Rumors: Dodgers Reportedly Offer Hector Olivera Lucrative Deal

Hector Olivera

The Los Angeles Dodgers have seen a few Cuban players they had interest in sign with other teams.

After the success of Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers have not gotten the same impact from their other two Cuban player signings. Erisbel Arruebarrena and Alex Guerrero still have the potential to become key players, but didn’t make the same splash that Puig made in 2013. This winter, the Dodgers have been linked to just about any player from the country looking to sign in the Majors. While they have yet to sign any, the speculation has grown that they are looking to sign 29-year-old infielder Hector Olivera.

According to Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald, the Dodgers have offered the most money to Olivera:

While the figures aren’t confirmed, the Dodgers have been linked to Olivera for quite some time and have had a few key members in the front office see him play in person. Olivera was cleared last week to sign and it’s been reported that he will sign soon.

Olivera is a infielder that is expected to be Major League-ready once he signs, despite reports of a UCL tear this past week. The Dodgers don’t appear to have any room for the Cuban at the moment, but they have three of their four infielders in the final year of their contracts. If Olivera is signed, he could find himself beginning the year in the Minor Leagues working towards being a starter in 2016.

If the report is true, then expect to see Olivera in Dodgers camp very soon.

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  1. Wow as most of the speculation of the press has been wildly off on who this Front Office is offering money to. I doubt the 6 year offer. That would make him 36 at end of contract as he turns 30 this April. Lets see how this plays out but 6 years seems 2 years too long. I know it has been reported that they have scouted the heck out of this guy. Maybe they like him that much but something does not sound right.

    1. I agree. Hopefully we are right. Or Friedman has a trick up his sleeve. Don’t like this move at all.

  2. Maybe they did something similar to what they asked Moncada (wait till June 2). $77 Million to wait in the minors a year and get your arm fixed. 77 seems stupid high and we don’t need him right now. Could just be a high number to entice him.

  3. If they offered him 77 mil and he didn’t grab it, that is weird. If they asked for a second MRI after they offered him 77 mil, that is weird too. If he refused to provide them with a second MRI, as is reported, and they still sign him …… none of this makes any sense. This guy hasn’t played much in the last two years, has injury issues, is already 30 …… Why would you spend big money on that? If they sign him for big money he better be a lot better than Guerrero and Turner, or they are creating another untradable contract. Already their $260 mil payroll plays as a $150 mil payroll with all the money they pay guys to play for other teams or sit on the bench.

  4. No second MRI I pass on this guy..way too much money for a guy who would be in the minors most of this yea and if he is damaged goods, it is a terrible deal…

  5. That 77 number was actually thrown around before he fired his agency and hired a new one. There are no new offers, nor do I even believe 77 mil was ever offered. If they’re paying that much money for an unknown property, may as well have kept Matt Kemp.

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