Rumors : Dodgers Target Gonzalez from Padres

Dodgers Target Gonzalez from Padres

Jorge Arangure from ESPN reports, “Adrian’s brother Edgar Gonzalez is likely to sign a minor league deal with the Dodgers. Nothing final yet, but seems headed that way.”

Well it’s not the Gonzalez we were hoping to hear about. Why would that make sense,? A great player with a great contract…No no no, we need a player with a bad contract and injury prone. Ned wants to provide the fans with suspense. The type of suspense we would like is a power hitter having us on the seats about going yard…or a true ace giving us hope for a no hitter…Unfortunately that doesn’t fit into Ned’s philosophy. He can give us the suspense of wondering if a player will actually make it through the month, or a pitcher can complete 6 solid innings.

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  1. It fits into a trend.

    Jamey Carroll -> Alex Cora
    Luis Ayala -> Lance Carter
    Edgar Gonzalez -> Oscar Robles

    So who’s the new Cesar Izturis going to be?

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