Russell Martin Will Make His Second Dodgers Debut Tonight

Dave Roberts confirmed before Friday evening’s game that Russell Martin will be making his Dodgers debut…again. Martin will be behind the plate catching Ross Striping in the second game of the series against Arizona.

Russell Martin was acquired over the offseason partially to fill the gap left by Yasmani Grandal. Grandal of course left via free agency, signing with Milwaukee. It has been a long journey back home for Martin, who signed with the Yankees in free agency in December 2010. Martin played in New York for two years before heading to Pittsburgh, where he also played for two years. Martin eventually moved on to Toronto where he played for the next four seasons.

And now here we are, nine years removed from the last time Russell took the field for the Dodgers. He will don his familiar number 55 and take the field behind the dish to catch Stripling in what many hope will be a phenomenal year in Los Angeles.

Martin hit acceptably during Spring Training, or at least much better than he has the last two years in Toronto. It was during that time that Russell hit a combined 208 across 181 games. His Spring stats shaped up slightly better than that, hitting 226 with a few home runs to go along with some very productive at-bats.

Roberts has already said that Austin Barnes will get the bulk of starts behind the plate. And if Opening Day is any indication into how his season will go, Barnes will keep that job. He went 3 for 4 with a homerun after hitting 289 in Spring Training.

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  1. Barnes went 3 for 4 with a HR and yet…..he sits for tonight’s game….. SMH.. Nothing against Martin at all but FO, (to whom I know is behind this) and Roberts are or at least appear to be doing what they did last year. And that is to sit a guy after he has a great game, and Barnes certainly did. And Joc hit 2 HR’s yesterday and had 3 hits, 4 RBI’s and albeit against Greinke, a RHP , Joc most likely sits tonight against the lefty Ray…..

    1. Was thinking the same thing. Same BS as last year. You have a great game the night before? Prepare to sit out the next night. FO & Roberts are A JOKE!!!!!!

    2. Martin should play on Sunday instead of today. Likely won’t be seeing Pederson or Muncy either after they did good. Look for a huge drop off in runs tonight. Probably lose 4-1 or something

  2. I’ve already grown tired of this season because I can tell they’re going to throw the B team out there every single time vs lefties and instantly cool off guys that were hot

  3. Dumb Roberts at it again he’s useless.sits players that had a good game.Please Dodger mgmt fired this idiot now eat that 4 year contract and let him go bring back Mime Sciocia do the right thing.

    1. The issue is, Guggenheim is not a sport group but a group of businessmen. They were sold of Friedman, just like anyone who is sold who really doesn’t know something, so they bring in their “expert.” Yes, we went to TWO World Series and that gives them credit, BUT we should have been to more than two of them and won one for sure. Our talent is ready to burst at the seams and our “metrics” keeps them back. I am retired for the fire department after 32 years and i saw young four-year captains who were great at giving drills on a chalk board, who couldn’t lead a crew out of a wet paper bag, and leaders who didn’t need a chart to get the job done. I will always love my Dodgers and cheer them on. Nothing better than the stadium atmosphere, a hot dog and a good game, who ever wins.

  4. 2019 will probably see the same ole platooning. It must be so hard being a young player with skills being on this Dodger team. Platooning would be the worst for any player. Who’s dream was it to make it to the Majors and then play part-time? Let’s not forget, we still have the same management/FO that removed Hill during the World Series while pitching a one-hitter.

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