A Dodgers Nation Meetup – See You Soon, Los Angeles

Tonight is like Christmas Eve for me. You see, by the time this post goes live; I’ll be on a plane and on my way to the greatest city in the world. When I get there, I get to watch one of baseball’s most prominent teams in the sport. To top it all off – it all takes place at the finest venue to see a ballgame in the world – Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

If you think that this guy sounds all roses, I’m not done yet. Tomorrow, I get to meet some of the best buddies I’ve never met. The very people who run Dodgers Nation and bring you content each day – because they have the same passion that you and I share for the game and the Dodgers. I’ve mentioned it before – but it’s a special bond when the Dodgers are the tie that binds.

I went to Los Angeles last summer for the first time. It was one of the best weeks of my life. Not knowing when I would return, I really savored every little thing about it. Still, I was left feeling like I didn’t quite get enough of it. When I got on my plane and flew back to the Midwest, I longed for more of the City of Angels.

Here was one of the most special moments from my entire week last summer. I saw Clayton Kershaw at the very top of his game. The Dodgers beat the Nationals when Stephen Strasburg had his ‘A’ stuff. Corey Seager homered to center late in the game to win it.

And hearing ‘I Love L.A.’ blast on the loudspeakers for the first time in person gave me chills. It was a bucket list item that I could cross off, one that was never a guarantee for me to experience.


It’s hard to believe that this time tomorrow night, I’ll be in the left field pavilion with Brook, Gary, FRG, Kevin, Greg, and the rest of the Dodgers Nation team. Talking baseball with fans who go to the park every night where Palm Trees preside over the stadium. Fans who I consider to be the greatest in the baseball universe.

The present is a great time for Dodgers baseball. It’s time to really savor in the heart of the baseball season, and enjoy what the organization has put in front of us.

This week – I’m going to try to bottle up a little bit of that passion, beauty, and energy of Chavez Ravine and the City of Angels. When I find it, I’m going to do my best to bring it to you here on the site.

Dodgers fans have it so good. Let’s take the week to appreciate that. I’ll make it my duty this week to remind you of some of the reasons why; some of the things you already know.

Follow me @diamondhoggers on twitter if you want the full tales of my journey. If you’ll be at the park the next few days, come say hi!

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