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Should Dodgers Trade For a Full-Time Shortstop To Replace Mookie Betts?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have significant decisions to make as we approach the July 30 trade deadline. Maybe the top lingering question: whether the Dodgers will acquire a full-time shortstop. That was a topic of discussion even when superstar Mookie Betts was healthy; now that he will be gone for six to eight weeks due to a left hand fracture, it’s the No. 1 question on every Dodger fan’s mind.

The next logical step is to acquire a full-time shortstop. Dodgers general manager Brandon Gomes isn’t too eager to make a move just yet, but his hands may be tied once the July 30 deadline approaches. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale believes that the shortstop question surrounding L.A. is the “most intriguing.”

The most intriguing question at the trade deadline will be whether the Los Angeles Dodgers decide to stick with Mookie Betts as their everyday shortstop, or more him to second base. Betts is having another fabulous season and could be the leading MVP contender, but it’s been a rough adjustment learning shortstop on the fly, making nine errors with a .957 fielding percentage — third worst among all shortstops.

Bob Nightengale, USA Today

Betts was doing enough to hold his own at the position prior to the injury, but it might not be enough to take the Dodgers over the top. Ultimately, the Dodgers will be judged on whether or not they are the last team standing. The question of how they handle the shortstop position is significant. 

The Dodgers have a great defensive shortstop in Miguel Rojas, and he has been quite solid offensively, slashing .303/.347/.438, with 12 runs, 27 hits, one home run, and 11 RBIs in 89 at-bats. If Rojas can keep this production up, the Dodgers’ brass might not need to explore a trade for an everyday shortstop. 

As for Gavin Lux, the ship sailed on him at shortstop in spring training. He’s played all 58 games of his games this year at second base, starting 51.

In the next month, the other 29 MLB teams might make the decision on the Dodgers’ behalf. Only five of them are more than 10 games out of a wild-card berth as of today, and none of those five teams have an obvious trade candidate at shortstop. There are few sellers, many potential buyers, and the supply-demand equation simply doesn’t tilt in the Dodgers’ favor. That will be the most important factor to watch between now and July 30.

For now, Nightengale isn’t the only one thinking about L.A. making a move for a shortstop. The time is ticking on the front office, and it’ll be a matter of time before we find out about their decision. 

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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Ricardo Sandoval

I write about sports. Staff writer at Dodgers Nation, LA Sports Report network of sites, and Newsweek. I’m also lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan.


  1. Make the trade? I have seen enough of Mookie’s erratic throws. Leave Rojas at shortstop. He’s doing a good job all around and will be better with a regular starting position at SS.

    1. Agreed. He won’t get better on throwing. I played SS into my 30s until I just couldn’t get the throws right. It’s natural, not made.
      As I’ve been saying since Holliday had his troubles. Get Holliday, Betts upon his return goes back to 2B/RF, relieve the stress of SS and give it to Holliday who excels at SS and isn’t happy at 2B. The position I moved to. I was good, but it’s a lot easier than SS. Send Lux and 1 or 2 pitchers. Baltimore gets their 2B who would be a Dodger bench guy, add let’s say Stone or Grove and if necessary, an up and coming pitcher. Everybody wins. The change in league’s and some of the pressures, expectations can start new!
      Haven’t been around since ’58, but Dodger fan since ’78. Does that count?
      David S, CO

  2. If Rojas continues to hit like he has been, we don’t need a SS. I would rather the Dodgers target a top of the rotation starting pitcher at the deadline. Or a high leverage relief pitcher. Pitching and defense wins championships.

  3. The trade Dodgers always make are for sub par batters. Every year a sub par bat. Just promote your farm

  4. Rojas is an experienced and savvy shortstop that can be trusted in playoff type of situations. Solid defense and more than adequate handling the bat. Keep him at shortstop and just give him a blow now and then to keep him fresh for playoff time.

  5. Shaka is right. Plus Bichette isn’t hitting. Adames not available. Lux looks great at second. He isn’t a shortstop in the MLB. Mookie has…your right throwing issues as well. Rojas if he continues to hit don’t need the homers just contact. Im really impressed with Vargas and Chris Taylor is miraculously hitting . Even his outs were line drives. All that said with a healthy Muncy he looked very improved at third base. He’s no Machado or Arenado but I think are farm and who we have will play out. No way trade GAVIN Stone. Patience patience and more patience. Get those guys healed. This team reminds me of the 2017 one.

  6. We need a third baseman who can fill in until Muncy returns. That’s Rojas. Get a permanent shortstop that will allow Rojas to do what he is most capable of when Max returns …. super sub. Do NOT get another guy who can not hit.

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