Stan Kasten Expects SportsNet LA Resolution By Opening Day 2015

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Prior to the start of the 2014 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers partnered with Time Warner Cable to launch SportsNet LA, which would provide around-the-clock coverage of the team.

However, distribution of SportsNet LA didn’t reach it’s full potential as Charter, Dish Network, DirecTV, and several other carriers failed to come to terms with TWC on carriage rights.

In an interview with Chris Russo of High Heat, Dodgers president and CEO Stan Kasten expressed optimism over a resolution being reached:

I think so. I believe so. I hope so. I’m reasonably confident because of all the other business factors that are going on; everyone knows about the various mergers. We think when that gets settled, we expect the full coverage to be apart of the overall solution. We are working on it everyday.

As for the Dodgers needing to accept blame for the situation, Kasten believes they are responsible for helping foster a solution and is hopeful SportsNet LA will be widely available come Opening Day in 2015:

The point is we do accept our share of the responsibility to get to the solution. I think blame is the wrong word because what we have arrived at is going to be good for all Dodger fans. The fact that we have 24 hours of Dodger-only content and world-class network level content, that’s a good thing for Dodger fans. That’s where we’re going for all Dodger fans and soon, we hope very soon, certainly by Opening Day, we think all of them will be able to start appreciating that.

As the Dodgers were locked in a race for the NL West title, TWC made SportsNet LA available over the air for the final six games of the regular season so fans were able to watch them clinch the division. With the merger of AT&T and DirecTV expected to be finalized early next year, SportsNet LA being carried by DirecTV should soon follow.

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  1. Face Book, “I wonder If The Dodgers….We Let The Dodger Fans To See Games This Season. 75% of Los Angeles Fans….Did Not See a game On T.V. Last Year, On Time Wagner only Carry Games On There Network. ” I Believe It When I see It.

  2. This sounds like the same bull we got earlier this year from Kasten. Why not now?
    Do we really think that TWC is going to reduce their Dodger cable tv demands?
    It would seem that Dodger Brass are once again sitting on the side of the issue.

  3. That’s huge! This needs to get done. I watch all of the games on Gameday on my iPad.

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