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Stories By Scully: History Lessons From Vin

We all know the way in which long time Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully can make every day words and stories sound extraordinary. He can make a shopping list sound like the works of Hemingway or Fitzgerald and bring tears to grown mens eyes while reciting the classic “Field of Dreams” speech.

Vin Scully is a man that has quite literally perfected his craft and performs in a way that we as baseball fans will never see again. While Scully often keeps the stories light-hearted and jovial, sometimes when he sees fit, Vinny ventures off into more serious territory in a way that only he could.

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History Lesson No. 1

Being the announcer of one team for such a long time, Vin has lived through an incredible number of watershed moments in American history. Therefore, Vin can offer more genuine accounts and opinions than most. Take for example his history lesson on America’s independence day from July 4th of this year when the Baltimore Orioles were in town.

Vin also took a moment to give a lesson on the importance and significance of the National Anthem.

I can personally say that in all my years of schooling, I’ve never received a lesson so succinct, articulate, and effective about the history of the National Anthem and the signing of the Declaration of Independence than Vinny was able to do in just a few short minutes.

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History Lesson No. 2

Scully is also to able broach more serious topics with due respect to the events and the necessary assurance to discuss them. Talking about D-Day is not an easy task in a serious college lecture let alone during a baseball game.

Yet, Vin breezes over it with such ease and assurance you can’t help but appreciate the way Vin goes about his craft.

To top it all off, he recites a beautiful poem which will give even the hardened of souls goose bumps. In that moment you forget that this is a baseball announcer. Not a world renowned public speaker or tenured college professor; this is a man who has simply called baseball games from almost 70 years now.

There’s not really much else that can be said about Vin Scully. Smarter people have talked about him in more macro ways and as we get closer and closer to the end of the year, this trend will continue.

All we can do as fans of baseball, and specifically being Dodgers fans, is sit back and savor the last two months of Vin’s career and appreciate every little anecdote and story and history lesson that he decides to bless us with.

ESPN’s E:60 honored Scully showcasing Scully is an “American treasure”, and calling his voice, one of the most iconic in sports history.

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