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The Astonishing Story of Andrew Toles and his Car

Last week, Andrew Toles made his 2018 debut with the Dodgers. After missing more than nearly a year, fans were excited to see Toles take the field. He missed majority of the 2017 season with an ACL injury, and had spent all of 2018 in Triple-A. With the injury to Yasiel Puig, there was finally a roster spot that opened up for him.

In his first game with LA, Toles went 2-for-3 with 2 RBI, and provided that electric spark Dodgers fans desperately missed. After nearly a year estranged from Dodgers fans, we were excited to hear about what he’s been up to, and what’s changed in his life. With that, we were given probably the greatest baseball story of the entire season.

So pretty much, over the course of the last few months, Toles’ car has been sitting in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. I guess when he was sent down to start the season, he assumed he’s be called back up soon. Well, that wasn’t the case. Although Toles remained in Oklahoma City, his car sat. Picked up dust and dirt, and who knows what else.


This seems like it could be a fun type of prank. Where Toles asked one of his teammates to move it for him, and they decided not to. But Toles knew his car was sitting there. Why didn’t he ask one of his teammates to move it, or something. Let alone, wash the car! It’s amazing that this story has sat on the shelves as long as it has, or that a picture of the car hasn’t surfaced. I for one, would love to see what exactly his car looks like after months sitting in the parking lot.

I sure hope Andrew Toles is spending his All-Star break washing that car. He may need those four days off to clean it, one can only imagine what that car is like now. After hearing this story, one can only think about that Seinfeld episode. For those who aren’t too familiar, George Costanza let his car sit in the Yankee Stadium parking lot for days. Management saw this and thought he was the first one to arrive and last one to leave the stadium everyday. Eventually, his car looked like this. This was only after about a week or so. Can you imagine what Toles’ looked like?! Oh man.

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