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The Astros Halt the Auction of a World Series Ring Set to Go Towards COVID-19 Relief

The Astros are once again ruining baseball and all that is good in the world. The Houston franchise reportedly halted the auction of a piece of memorabilia from their tainted 2017 World Series win. 

TMZ Sports is reporting that the Astros stepped in and prevented the auctioning of a 2017 World Series ring, which was set to go towards a charity. The claim is that the Astros stepped in and have a contract in place to purchase the ring for one dollar. WHAT.

The ring belonged to David Brito, who is a scout within the Astros organization. Players, coaches, and staffers received a ring after bearing the Los Angeles Dodgers during the 2017 World Series, only to be exposed as cheaters two years later. 

The Astros’ ring was set to sell for as high as $60,000, with proceeds set to go towards CAMCare Foundation for COVID-19 relief in health care centers.

The auctioneer expressed that the Astros had reached out directly and demanded that the ring be pulled, claiming that they have a first-look deal, meaning they get the chance to buy before anyone else should the ring be placed on the market. 

The Astros were exposed late last year for having utilized illegal video systems to steal signs from exposing teams. The Dodgers were one of those teams that Houston was proven to have utilized the system against, after an investigation of a few months by the league. As a result, the Astros received a very light punishment that saw their manager and general manager suspended for one year. The two were fired by the team in the wake of the cheating scandal, and no players were punished. 

The Astros have yet to respond to any media to make a statement on the issue. 

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