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The Dodgers Are One of Only Three Teams to Not Reach This Mark

ESPN released an article the other day, reminding us that things really fo get lost in the record books. When you look back at the history of the Dodgers, there are a few guys that you would think hit the most homeruns in a season. You might think it was Cody Bellinger last year, or Gary Sheffield when he came to Los Angeles, or maybe even big Duke Snider back in the day. As it turns out, it’s none of those guys.

It seems strange to think that the Dodgers are one of just three teams to not have a player hit 50 homeruns in a season, but it’s true. Shawn Green hit 49 homeruns during his 2001 season, and that stands as the most in a single-season for the Los Angeles franchise. The Twins and White Sox are the only other teams a part of the original 16 that do not have a 50 homerun player. 

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But 49 bombs is the single-season record for the Dodgers, with Cody Bellinger coming up short by just three in his 2019 NL MVP campaign. Adrian Beltre also came close in 2004 when he hit 48 in what would be his last season in Los Angeles. 

Green hit a total of 328 homeruns across his 15-year career, and many of them came in a Dodgers uniform. From 2001 to 2002, Green took 91 trips around the bases in just two seasons with Los Angeles. If there was a guy who could get to the fifty dingers mark, it would have been him. 

With that in mind, who is the guy on the current Dodgers’ roster that you think has the potential to reach that mark? Bellinger is the easy answer, but Max Muncy and Joc Pederson show potential. 

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