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The Dodgers Dominance Within The Past Calendar Year

Everyone remembers that spot in 2018 when the Dodgers were sitting at 16-26 and eight games out of first place in their division. While it seemed impossible to be real – it very much was. Now, perhaps the Dodgers have their rough start to thank for their early success in 2019.

Moreover, Bill Plunkett of the OC Register has a nice story on the Dodgers and their lack of World Series hangover.

However – a veteran like starting pitcher Rich Hill does not attribute the Dodgers’ quick start to their quicksand of April and May 2018. Furthermore, Hill says it was a direct result of the World Series loss.

I 100 percent attribute it to guys getting pissed off after that World Series loss. To me, that’s it,” Dodgers left-hander Rich Hill said to that question. “I think the year before, yeah, guys were upset. But it was a seven-game series. It was the first time for a lot of guys in this locker room, including myself, in the World Series. To go back again last year, we carried a lot of experience into that. … I think the thing that was really frustrating was not being able to capitalize on it.

That sounds a little surprising. But not all members of the clubhouse share that sentiment with Hill. Interestingly enough, manager Dave Roberts said that tough start to 2018 left a bad taste in the mouths of his ballclub.

Guys don’t want to have that feeling again. To get off to a good start, play good baseball, put ourselves in that same position – that’s our goal. That’s what it was in spring training and it’s good to see it kind of continue to keep that focus, that mindset.

No matter the method that’s led to the Dodgers’ 30-17 start – they now have the possible distinction of being baseball’s best team.

Final Word

Truly, this is a special time to be following or writing about the organization. While no one knows how this chapter of Dodgers baseball ends, the team is putting themselves in position to attend a fourth straight LCS series, and third straight World Series. Still, a team can’t accomplish those things without taking care of business in the right now.

All the Dodgers have done is compile baseball’s best record – with possibly the best position player (Cody Bellinger) and pitcher (Hyun-Jin Ryu) to keep the fan base entertained with historic performances.

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  1. My Father took me to my first Dodger game in 1958 as a young boy. I have been a Dodger and baseball fan since. I am very aware of when the Dodger team won the World Series last. I listen and read the comments of journalists and fans about the lack of the WS ring.
    I am very happy with the way the new ownership has built this Dodger Team so that it should be very competitive for many years. This Team plays very good fundamental baseball.
    After this year the Dodgers should have even more financial flexibility and have one of the younger teams in the League with a top 10 Farm System!
    I am very happy they finally gave Verdugo an opportunity to play. The young man has a very quick bat and a plus arm. His enthusiasm is contagious.
    Writers and many fans act like this team is a failure for not winning the WS. Baseball is a game of momentum and a game of inches. The Dodgers could have easily won the Houston series it went to 7 games.
    Last year Boston had the momentum but Roberts made some key mistakes. I do not like Roberts as a manager. He has continuously made poor decisions with the pitching staff in key pressure situations.
    Enjoy the ride…Few teams have been as dominant for a long period of time especially in the recent decades with teams having a boom or bust mentality of overpaying for immediate help to get them over the top paying huge salaries to a player that can help for a year or two and then bury the club with their high contract costs and long term contracts.
    I applaud the Dodgers for not giving Greinke the 6 year contract or offering 6-7 year $300-400 million dollar deals to Machado etc.

  2. Tmaxster really covered the bases well in his above post!!!! I saw my first Dodger game in Ebbets Field in 1954 – and loved every minute of it. We won a gang of games from 1945-54, but never a WS championship. That took one more year. Deja vu is repeating itself : we go to the WS and lose again, just like the 40s and 50s. To really be viewed as a great team, the Blue Crew must win it all. We are tired of being bridesmaids!!!!! We want it all, and we might just have the team to do it this year. That is what greatness is about!!! Go Blue!!

    1. Lou-Dodger thanks I am not advocating that they do not need to win the WS eventually but the Dodger Teams in the 40’s and 50’s were Great Teams and beloved with incredible players like Snider, Reese, etc.
      My point is there is only one WS winner every year it does not make the rest of the teams complete losers. Unfortunately, today’s social media and the vibe is that only the Winner is important or worthy of praise and that is not true in life.
      Certainly, in an actual fight or war, there is only one winner but these are games…entertainment for the masses instead of the stadia and warriors and lions, etc.
      People, I believe completely lose their perspective…

  3. Is it possible to get A.J. Ellis back as a backup or catching coach, he knows some of our pitchers so well…

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