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The Dodgers Have Picked Up Dave Roberts 2019 Option

After over a week of the Dodgers Front Office indicating they were going to offer Dave Roberts an extended, multi-year contract, the plans have changed yet again. Still – the Dodgers picked up Roberts option for 2019 – and will continue to negotiate.

Why The Sudden Change?

Turner Ward has flown the coup. Chris Woodward has flown the coup. Danny Lehmann, the Dodgers game planning/communications coach, is also not returning. It’s easy to imagine Andrew Friedman is flying very thin. A Dave Roberts extension isn’t off the table, but it’s probably forced to the back burner at the moment.


The Dodgers 2019 season already has questions looming. We need a new hitting coach, 3rd base coach, and oh yeah, a new General Manager. This offseason’s hot stove is already burning down the house, almost literally.

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