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The Dodgers Lose Game 7 Of The World Series To The Astros

I am heartbroken to say that the Los Angeles Dodgers will not be World Series champions in 2017. The Astros, unfortunately, defeated the Dodgers in Game 7 with a final score of 5-1.

Let’s take a look at how it all went down.

All of Houston’s runs were scored off of Yu Darvish, who lasted just 1.2 innings. They got on the board in the first inning thanks to a George Springer double, a Cody Bellinger error, and a Jose Altuve groundout. Then, in the very next inning, starting pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. would bring in Brian McCann with a groundout and George Springer would hit a two-run home run.

Those five runs would be all that the Astros’ offense would be able to put up, with the Dodgers relievers being superb. Brandon Morrow, Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, and Alex Wood combined for 7.1 innings of two-hit baseball. Unfortunately, the Astros’ five runs on Wednesday would be more than they needed to win the game.

The biggest story for the Dodgers was how they performed with runners in scoring position. The team went 1-13 with runners in scoring position and left ten runners on base. Cody Bellinger and Yasiel Puig both went hitless, with Bellinger striking out three times. Bellinger also now holds the all-time records for the most strikeouts in a postseason series (17) and for the most strikeouts in an entire postseason (29).

The Dodgers’ only run came in the bottom of the 6th inning when Andre Ethier drove in Joc Pederson with an RBI single. The Dodgers were only able to collect six hits total on Wednesday, and even more frustrating is the fact that the Astros only collected five hits. Also frustrating, the Astros struggled with runners in scoring position, going just 1-10.

It was seven games of intense baseball and, unfortunately, it just didn’t swing the Dodgers’ way. How are you feeling right now? Let us know in the comments below. We can all talk through our feeling together.

Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus. Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation. Lifelong Dodgers fan.


  1. The first Halloween costume I remember dressing up in was Steve Garvey. I saw Fernando pitch maybe half a dozen times. I used to see the Piazza teams come into the former Jack Murphy Stadium. Seen the Blue Crew play in Shea Stadium and in Veteran’s Stadium. I was lucky enough to be in the right field bleachers, with my brother and my grandfather for Gibby’s homer. I can’t say I am that upset. This was one of the best teams I have seen play the game of baseball. We got to see four World Series games at beautiful Dodgers’ Stadium. This was an amazing series pitting equally match teams against each other. Had this been a 9-game series maybe we win that, and they win an 11-game series. We might have taken it in 13. It sucks we don’t get a parade and to put up a banner. This team won’t be called a team of destiny but I think it is. You don’t win 104 games and get to game 7 against a team that won 101 without Destiny being a fan. I may not make sense to people here. That is fine. I just don’t think winning is everything. Hope everyone feels better soon. I hope the players recover from this grind, emotional and physical. I hope the front office makes more smart moves (I think we have a few outfielders and a catcher that could get us some needed pieces. I’m always partial to pitching) and that next year’s team can match, and maybe exceed, the quality of this great team we just rode with.

  2. Time to get rid Dave Roberts he started one who was bombed his first time out..and then left him in after it was obvious he was getting bombed agai

  3. Heartbroken last night, hurting for my team today, bleeding Dodger Blue, but Dodger fan forever! Through thick & thin, win or lose, it’s always GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  4. A couple of things I think were learned from game 7 I think. One Yu Darvish needs to start looking for a new home A.S.A.P. and two Cody Bellinger better spend the winner learning to hit a curve ball or he may be back in Oklahoma City next year.

    1. Need to fire Manager Dave Roberts just like in Washington n New York. The managers made bad Decisions that cost the team n the same here. Game 2 after he pulled starter n used 5 pitchers and game 3 With Yu n game 5 13 to 12! His indecisions with the pitching staff put a lot of pressure on this young team! He did embrace the moment to WIN! Fire Fire Fire This guy#!##!!!

  5. Even though the Dodgers won 104 games this season, it looked like all season long, leaving runners in scoring position was their Achilles heel. They have a rich history of small ball and getting guys to score. Maybe they need to work on that for next season.

  6. The better team won. Clearly the Astros ran circles around the Dodgers. Our offense was inconsistent and late to wake up. (Where have I heard that before?) Our starting pitching lacked any kind of distance. When will management get quality starters? I guess it’s not that important to them. Our BP had moments of greatness as well as “not so greatness”. At the same time, Houston’s BP having an ERA over 7, overmatched our hitters. Bellinger only swings for the fence. Seager needs to layoff that low inside pitch…he can’t hit it. Strikeouts destroyed us, and with RISP we simply were pathetic. How many HR’s is too many that our pitchers allowed? There’s more, but we all know them.

  7. Dodgers, could have signed J Verlander but got Darvish – Garbish instead ! All the Astros hitters. An read him from his days on the Padres. See YU later ! Free agent needs to fly away from LA.
    Dave Roberts was managing like there was a game 8! Why didn’t Kershaw start? Everyone asked that question. Maybe next year they’ll play.

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