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The Dodgers Make Tom Koehler’s Deal Official

The Dodgers have been in the news quite a bit lately, though it was mainly because of the trade they made with the Braves. However, today the Dodgers are making headlines for a signing that has become official.

On Wednesday, the Dodgers officially announced the signing of Tom Koehler to a one-year deal for $2 million.

Previously it was noted that Koehler is a 31 year old who has spent most of his career as a starter. However, we saw him transition to the bullpen for the Blue Jays. After this move he put up a solid 2.65 ERA in 17 innings. With a successful move to the bullpen, Koehler may have found his mojo. If Koehler can prove himself he will certainly be a welcome addition to the bullpen. He has the stuff to be successful out of the bullpen, and can focus more on 2 or 3 pitches. If he can build on the success found in Toronto, that would be enormous. Remember, Brandon Morrow was a starter for the majority of his career. Koehler’s career trajectory follows the same line.

His contract details are rather interesting as well. Koehler can earn up to $1.25 million if he makes 25 starts. But if he makes more than 60 appearances, he will make $500k extra.

Clearly it will benefit him more to be a starter for the Dodgers rather than a reliever. That will create some additional incentive for Koehler to perform well. With him officially in the mix, we continue to ask the question. Do the Dodgers need to make more additions to the bullpen or rotation?

We recently have seen the options for the rotation. What about the bullpen? Multiple times the bullpen has been dissected, but in all honesty the solutions most likely will come from within. With most of the remaining free agents either being poor options, or expensive, the Dodgers will likely look internally to find bullpen solutions.

Bearing that in mind the signing of Tom Koehler is a welcome minor signing. Given the low salary, we can hope that lightning will strike a third time from the bargain bin.

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