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The Dodgers May Not Get Back to Baseball for Eight Weeks

Just once we would like to bring you good news on Dodgers baseball, but that is not today. The Center for Disease Control released a statement that they do not recommend gathers of more than fifty people for eight weeks at least. That would put baseball games on hold indefinitely.

If the Dodgers and baseball are shut down from baseball activities for eight weeks, that would be bad. That basically guarantees that games would not be able to start up until June at the earliest. Once given the all-clear, players will still need a ramp-up period to get going. 

Major League Baseball has a phone call scheduled with team owners on Monday, so we should know more soon. There’s just one question in our minds though: When do we get to see Dodgers games again? We should know more some time today and will pass that information along as soon as possible. 

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The Dodgers were supposed to start their season on March 26th against the Giants. The coronavirus has put things on hold indefinitely, and all games have been suspended. The MLB joined the NBA, NHL, XFL, MLS, and many other professional leagues in choosing to shut down operations.

Baseball also cut Spring Training short and started the process of sending players home. In a memo to teams, the league is allowing players to stick around at their spring facilities if they so choose. Players not on the 40-man roster were asked to go home if safe for them to do so. No Dodgers on the 40-man have been reported to have gone home.

NEXT: Minor League Players Are Being Sent Home


  1. The problem I have with that is what if we all take our couple weeks of isolation now and the virus comes to a halt, the players just sit at home for an additional 6 weeks just because? Hopefully they play the games with no crowd for starters. Time will tell.

  2. The season’s over. Most of the people in our society live in a constant state of fear. This is their party now, at least for awhile. They are shutting society down. The economy will suffer the consequences of this orgy of fear for years, even if a vaccine is developed tomorrow. Baseball is just one of many victims. The vast majority of people will never get sick, but many will lose their jobs and their livelihood. The real pandemic here is not a disease, it’s fear.

    1. I agree. There is sheer panic now. Taking precautions is certainly warranted, but people are losing their minds.

      1. You got that right. Times of fear test the character of a person and a nation. There’s a big divide between “saying” how strong and brotherly you will be, versus the time to actually practice it.
        Now people may appreciate how our parents and grandparents dealt with hardship during the Depression and WWII. Remember how your mom never threw bread away even if there was a little mold on the corner?

  3. Brought to you by George Soros, the Market manipulator….Bill Gates and Ted Turner……..

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