The LA Dodgers Could Target Detroit Tigers OF Nick Castellanos in a Trade

After the bullpen nearly squandered a surefire win on Saturday night (thank you Matt Beaty), the pressure continues to heat up for Andrew Friedman to fix it before the deadline. But there’s another pressing need that’s also plagued the Dodgers for many years: weakness against left-handed pitching. While the offense is potent, it’s still lefty-heavy 

As an antidote to this flaw, the Dodgers have often been linked to Detroit Tigers outfielder Nick Castellanos. From every angle, it’s not hard to see why. At 27, he’s in the heart of his prime. Since his rookie year of 2014, he’s been a superb hitter in every facet, hitting for average and power in equal proportion. 

His best year thus far is 2017, when he led the AL with 10 triples and passed 100 RBIs for the first time in his career He currently leads the majors in doubles with 33. Most importantly, he absolutely crushes left-handed pitching. Adding him to a lineup that’s already being buoyed by A.J. Pollock’s sound right-handed bat would balance it perfectly. 

All the more tantalizing is the possibility of the Dodgers getting Castellanos in a package deal along with reliever Shane Greene. Rumors of such a deal picked up when Dodger scouts were spotted at a recent Tigers game. The only question is what it would take to get both. The Dodgers might need to part with outfield prospect DJ Peters in order to do so, which I wouldn’t object to. However, I continue to hold out hope they land Pirates bullpen ace Felipe Vazquez, the most important need due to the paucity of lefties in the pen.

The Cost

Considering the asking price for him has been as high as two elite prospects, I’d hesitate to send one to Detroit, lest Friedman can build a less lopsided package for either team. 

If Los Angeles wants Castellanos, they may have to act fast too. Word has surfaced that the Cubs want in on him as well. While Vazquez remains the undisputed prize for the Dodgers this trade season, Castellanos might just be too young and talented to pass up on during a season as opportune as this one.


  1. I don’t think we need Castellanos. We need relief help. One thing to consider is who sits if we play Castellanos. Sounds like an anti-team move. Bellinger, Turner, Pollock, Muncy, Seager, Freese, and Taylor play (in 4 weeks) against lefties. –plus a catcher. Both are RH. And we have Hernandez who kills lefties. And Verdugo who hits well enough. Smith would be a RH bat option. We don’t need bats. We need relief help. And–Castellanos is a liability in the field, too.

    1. My mistake. Yes he did kill lefties but is now .250. But we have a lefty solution on the farm. Smith. Plus the fielding of Kike is a real plus. And he is closing in on 20 homers again.

  2. Kike’s defence is a plus but with Taylor coming back and the way Beady hit both lefty’s and righties trading Hernandez is the best move.

    1. Just remember though that a lineup with basically all LHB would be exposed in the PS an or WS where elite LHP will be there to oppose them. I am not that eager for Castellanos because guess what, folks, he would be just a rental

    1. LOL, but true. And I know all about that 91 FWY and those other freeways in So. Calif., as I lived there for many many years before escaping to Southern Oregon in 2004

  3. Play him at first base. If I’m not mistaken he has played there before and would even our lineup out leaving kike, Taylor, and Joc to help off the bench.

  4. Sure, any decent right handed hitter would improve the lineup right now, but even with the trouble against lefties that isn’t the immediate problem. Unless Castelllanos learns to pitch the seventh and eighth innings, he would not be a significant upgrade. And that doesn’t even touch on the challenge of where to play him. He’s not exactly a plus defender.

  5. Bats are galore in Dodgers organization from MLB to all levels on Minors! Starting Pitching is adequate enough to win with & prospects in the pipeline. There is a deadly lack of relievers at all levels. It is a monumental front office failure to not procure high value relief pitching after going to the dance repeatedly with the same weakness! What is the true definition of insanity? Dodgers front office is the correct answer!

  6. Dodgers need relief pitching and to quit platooning people, especially at first base.
    Thats why they got beat the last two years in the World Series they ran into two teams that has position players that played their correct positions, and they got beat with pitching not to mention a loaded Hot Houston club that outplayed them. So did Boston!

    1. Spot on, Gerard!!!!! We have enough outfielders. We need to address our most pressing need first – the BP. I do feel Vasquez would make the best addition to our club in that he is having a fine year, and he is under team control. However, the Pirates will try and get everything they can from the Blue. If I could add another starter to the starting rotation, and use Maeda and Urias strictly in relief, I very may well do that. Beattie saved our bacon a few nights ago due to the ineptness of Yimi, Jose,and ?. And the better our starters, and the longer they can go in a game, less reliance on the BP is needed. Go Blue!!!

      1. Hey BLUE LOU! BP is the most pressing need. The only thing I am concerned with is what the cost would be because I am NOT AT ALL in favor of involving Lux, May or Will Smith in ANY potential deal.

        1. You are absolutely correct, AZUL!!!! I do not want to mortgage the future in any potential deal!!!! Go PD Jr!!!!

    2. I concur that in the WS it’s best for position players to be in their normal positions and we lost , as ya say because we had no real answer to those AL team’s elite pitching. But recall what was the real issue in these past 2 WS…Our pitching staff as a whole allowed a total of 23 HR’s in only 12 games combined in these 2 WS.

  7. This is stupid there’s no point in getting more offense unless it’s a catcher. We’re packed to the rafters in the outfield and infield with guys that can be starting, we have more than enough. Relief pitching DER relief pitching

  8. How about we bring up Will Smith, instead of the two catchers we have now who can’t hit.

  9. Please, get us us Vasquez from Pittsburgh and Castellanos from Detroit very soon Mr. Friedman. The deadline is coining up soon. Im glad to see that JJ Pollock is hitting the ball on the nose and very hard. Hes healthy and we can use every young player we can keep. Verdugo will get his at bats. Long way till the end of the playoffs and Fall Classic !!!

  10. Castellanos hits .387 vs lefties but vs the Astros and Yankees he hits only .083 and .200 respectively and in my opinion we will face one of those two teams in the WS if we get there, his defense is a liability as well. Our big weakness is in the BP, The Dodgers must add two good arms and let’s hope that Roberts will make the right desitions as well.

  11. Come on! We don’t need Castellanos….we don’t need Castellanos….we don’t need Castellanos. Focus on the only real need we have…. the bullpen. And don’t give away too much just to make a deal. Remember in the postseason we can beef up the bullpen with Maeda, Stripling and don’t forget what Urias can contribute. Our horses, Ryu, Kershaw and Buehler will diminish pressure on the pen. We don’t have to play 18 consecutive games in the postseason, more days between games means a healthier, rested pen.

  12. I concur, George. And your adamant response is spot on. We need bull pen support, not Castellanos. We should search for “lights out” relief pitcher (s) to cover any, and all, latter innings including closing as needed. ” And not give away too much just to make (the) deal…”

  13. I’ll add to the Choir: BULLPEN!!!
    Right now we got too many guys who perform like BP stands for Batting Practice.
    Again, re: RH bat, we don’t need more offense, just back end BP. Janzen will be OK if he can just be pissed off enough when he goes out for the 9th (like he was the other night when he struck out all 3 after being shamed.)

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