10 Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Dodger Fans

The season might be over, but with Halloween right around the corner, we can still have some fun and show love to our Boys in Blue.  Carving pumpkins is one of those fun things we get to do when Halloween rolls around and what better way is there to let everyone know how much we love the Dodgers?  We asked Dodgers Nation to show off some of their artwork on our Facebook page and here are the 10 best ones!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Javier Menchaca

Anything with Vin Scully on it is a work of art, but this carving definitely looks like a lot of work went into it with all the fine details.  All in all, this is one is awesome!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Reac Soles

It’s one thing to carve out letters, but when it comes down to working with cursive writing, that can’t be easy.  This carving is very clean and well done!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Jen Brown

The color scheme!  What a great idea to paint the pumpkin grey and use the road jersey color scheme.  That LA logo pops real nice!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Briana Ochoa Leon

Again, carving out cursive writing with such precision has to be really difficult, but this one is really clean as well.  The way the photo was taken really shows off the carving skills!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Taylor Allen

Another clean cursive carving!  This one is cool because the logo really stands out since it’s smaller and colored in blue.  The Mickey scarecrow is a nice touch as well!


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