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Top 5 Reasons Kemp Deserves To Win Over Holliday

Need A Reason To Vote For Kemp? We’ll Give You 5!

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Matt Kemp currently trails Matt Holliday by less than 100,000 votes.  Monday, Kemp was behind by nearly 200,000 votes. Today, Kemp is smoking Holliday on twitter trending, so it’s time for us to smother our All-Star center fielder with votes.

That said, let’s go over the TOP 5 reasons why Kemp deserves this starting role over Holliday. After that, you should be hype up enough to go out and vote like crazy.

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  1. The Numbers Don’t Lie:
    Matt Kemp .331 AVG / 22 HR / 63 RBI / 22 SB
    Matt Holliday .327 AVG / 10 HR / 40 RBI / 0 SB

  3. Matt Holliday Clearly Can’t Be Trusted In Clutch Situations:

  5. Matt Kemp’s Superior Offensive Talent:

  7. Matt Kemp’s Superior Defensive Talent:

  9. Matt Kemp’s Superior Speed:


VOTE NOW: 2011 ASG Ballot

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UPDATE: Today alone Kemp has received 52% more votes than Matt Holliday.

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