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Top 5 Reasons Ethier Deserves Final All Star Spot

Need A Reason To Vote For Andre Ethier? We’ll Give You 5!

Last week we gave you 5 reasons to vote for Matt Kemp. YOU delivered! In the final 24 hours, Kemp took the lead over Holliday for the starting OF spot. Enough about our man Kemp, let’s get back on track. Andre Ethier, needs our back, and he needs it NOW. Early results have Shane Victorino in the lead, with Ethier on his tail in 2nd place. The catch here is only 1 man goes from the National League. Remember in 2009, when Kemp and Victornio were battling for the final spot? I do, Victorino got the final spot, even though Kemp’s numbers were superior. Let’s not make the same mistake DodgersNation.

“Hopefully Dodger fans can put some stuff aside, and even if they’re sitting at home watching instead of coming to the game, at least they can have the Internet in front of them and sit there and pound away all day and rally behind the players and me and show how great fans are in L.A.”

VOTE NOW: Ethier | Konerko (Unlimited Voting)

1) He’s a Dodger. Let’s be honest, this is the real #1 reason. However, the rest of our top reasons will display why exactly Andre Ethier dominates Victorino in other areas aside from height.

2) Andre Ethier 30 Game Hit Streak

3) “Walk-Off” Ethier

4) Ethier Helps The Youth w/ Hardball Made Easy

5) Shane Victorino was injured Sunday.

We have to do our part. A lot of us fans aren’t going to the games. While this shows frustration towards McCourt, it also takes away support for our Dodgers. This All-Star game is the one way you can show major support for the players we love as our Dodgers!

VOTE NOW: Ethier | Konerko (Unlimited Voting)

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