Trade Deadline: Offensive Trade Targets For The Dodgers

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Contestant #2: Ben Zobrist

Zobrist is the darling of WAR. He was regarded as an average second baseman/outfielder until his fielding metrics came into view.

He also has a very club-friendly salary for 2015 at $7.5 million. He plays all over the field, hits some, does well on the basepaths and with the glove.

What The Rays Might Want: Joc Pederson, Julio Urias

Remember, we’re talking about one of the better second baseman in the league and one of the most versatile players as well. The offer is rich for my blood, but fairly reasonable.

What The Rays Might Take: Joc Pederson, Chris Reed, Darnell Sweeney

I do think it would take one of the big three Dodger prospects to get Zobrist. Even though he’s not hitting as much as he was a few years ago, he remains one of the more valuable players in the league when you take fielding and baserunning into account.

Deal or No Deal: NO DEAL

With Zobrist, it’s less a matter of cost and more a matter of fit. Remember, the Dodgers don’t only have Dee Gordon, Hanley Ramirez and Juan Uribe.

They also have Alex Guerrero, Erisbel Arruebarrena and Corey Seager waiting in the wings. Zobrist can play the outfield, but there’s an even bigger logjam there.

I don’t see how the club could give up as valuable a piece as Pederson without realizing they’d have to displace a valuable piece on the big club to fit Ben in.

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  1. This doesn’t make much sense ! Is Utley going to replace Gordon and where would Gordon play ?

  2. This only makes sense if the Dodgers move an outfielder or 2 ! If Crawford and/or Ethier go, Zobrist would be an improvement !

  3. If the pitchers wouldn’t be happy with Suzuki it’s should be no deal ! The Dodgers are the 3rd best hitting team in the nat’l league, so I think they can live without a better stick behind the plate !

  4. Uhhhhh, yeah, I really doubt our all-star second baseman would be replaced by anyone right now.

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