Trade Deadline: Offensive Trade Targets For The Dodgers

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Contestant #3: Kurt Suzuki

After signing a one-year deal with the Minnesota Twins this off-season, Suzuki has seen his batting average jump to over .300 for the first time in his career.

He’s hitting more groundballs than he has in five years and fewer flyballs than at any time in his career. His line drive rate is also a strong 23 percent, so the offense looks legit. If the Dodgers want a better offensive option behind the plate, Suzuki fills that role.

What The Twins Might Want: Chris Anderson, Scott Schebler

The Twins have a loaded farm system, but could still use plenty of help. A high upside guy like Anderson might appeal to them, while Schebler has more than held his own in Double-A this season.

What The Twins Might Take: Chris Reed, Scott Schebler

I really don’t think the initial offer is unreasonable. However, Anderson’s upside exceeds Reed’s, even though Anderson has further to go to reach it. Reed would give Minnesota more immediate help.

Deal or No Deal: NO DEAL

In looking over Suzuki’s numbers, I wanted to find out what kind of framer he is. Turns out, he’s not good. And not just not good, he’s the worst framer in the league.

Worse than A.J. Ellis. As much as I’d like to see more offense behind the plate, it would be too frustrating watching strikes become balls.

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  1. This doesn’t make much sense ! Is Utley going to replace Gordon and where would Gordon play ?

  2. This only makes sense if the Dodgers move an outfielder or 2 ! If Crawford and/or Ethier go, Zobrist would be an improvement !

  3. If the pitchers wouldn’t be happy with Suzuki it’s should be no deal ! The Dodgers are the 3rd best hitting team in the nat’l league, so I think they can live without a better stick behind the plate !

  4. Uhhhhh, yeah, I really doubt our all-star second baseman would be replaced by anyone right now.

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