Trade Deadline: Offensive Trade Targets For The Dodgers

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Surprise Guest: Rene Rivera

Rivera was mentioned as a possible target by my podcast co-host Dustin Nosler. In looking up framing data, Rivera scores extremely well. He ranks fifth in the league in terms of runs gained through framing, even though he only catches part time.

At the plate, he doesn’t get on base a lot but hits for some power, which would qualify him as a good backup.

What The Padres Might Want: Darnell Sweeney

It’s hard to figure what the Padres would want for a backup catcher. I’m sure they’d like some value, but it’s hard to imagine them getting too much in return.

What The Padres Might Take: Adam Law

Law was the Dodgers 12th rounder last year and has been very productive in his first season and a half. He’s on the older side at 24 but figures to make the majors and become a role player some day. He plays multiple positions and has good speed.

Deal or No Deal: DEAL

What I noticed first about Rivera was his excellent framing ability. Taking a longer look at his offense, I saw that he is OPSing more than .300 points higher on the road than at home.

He’s about to turn 31, so this isn’t a long-term solution, but the potential to get a quality backup who could help the team going forward (he only has three years of service time) would be a strong move.
Dodgers May Seek Bullpen Help From The Boston Red Sox

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  1. This doesn’t make much sense ! Is Utley going to replace Gordon and where would Gordon play ?

  2. This only makes sense if the Dodgers move an outfielder or 2 ! If Crawford and/or Ethier go, Zobrist would be an improvement !

  3. If the pitchers wouldn’t be happy with Suzuki it’s should be no deal ! The Dodgers are the 3rd best hitting team in the nat’l league, so I think they can live without a better stick behind the plate !

  4. Uhhhhh, yeah, I really doubt our all-star second baseman would be replaced by anyone right now.

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