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Trea Turner Rumors: Yankees Considered Favorite to Sign Shortstop in New Odds

The question mark of Trea Turner‘s new team continues to remain at an all-time high as teams all across the league look for their chance to sign the All-Star shortstop. There have been talks of him being open to moving back to the east coast, but a new favorite that hasn’t been talked about is that he could end up with the New York Yankees.

Priority number one for the Yankees will be to bring back Aaron Judge despite a large amount of money he will command. It’s theoretically impossible to imagine both Judge and Turner ending up on the Yankees assuming they’re both going to command top dollar, but the most recent odds say otherwise.

While the Yankees are at the top with the Phillies, the Dodgers’ odds continue to fall pointing. Betting odds clearly believe the Dodgers are going to go a different route and most likely aren’t going to be able to match another team’s offer for Turner.

Discussions may already be in the work to prepare for Turner’s departure and talks between Turner and the Dodgers may be behind closed doors, but is there something we don’t know? If Turner were to leave, it reopens the conversation to bring guys like Carlos Correa, despite the dismay most Dodgers fans may have or Dansby Swanson.

Turner did it all for the Dodgers during the regular season so replacing such production level would be tough for anyone to replicate. However, the Dodgers were in a prime position last season to make a deep postseason run until injuries derailed their season.

Chances are high that the Dodgers will be at the top once again even if Turner were to depart.

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  1. Another ridiculous rumor forwarded by Dodger counter intelligence hot stove unit. It’s Judge and one of the two super rookies for SS in 23 for the Yankees. Tomorrow Dodgers will announce Cody B to be the first LH SS in Dodger history they will announce confidence in his ability to pull it off. Why couldn’t he have made an offer to TT last off season so this wouldn’t have been such an embarrassing train wreck. They must have not liked Scott Boras’ laughing at the Correa high aav short term offer.

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