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Twitter Reactions: LA Dodgers Call Up Julio Urias to the Majors

As the best pitching prospect in the minor leagues, Julio Urias has been finally called up by the Los Angeles Dodgers to start against the New York Mets in their season opener this coming Friday.

In the latest Dodgers news, on Friday Urias will be 19 years old and 288 days and will be only one of the youngest starting pitchers in MLB history to join the likes of Dylan Bundy of the Orioles and Felix Hernandez in 2005.


Twitter is definitely having fun right now!

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  1. Wow!!!  Just wow!  Couldn’t be more excited for him and for the Dodgers!  What better team to give him the start against than the Mets and their vaunted rotation?  Gonna be so exciting to watch!!!!!!!!

  2. yarritsblake  Great for the kid, but that is a tough line up, and this is not AAA. He will be on a strict pitch count, so 5 innings probably max, and then this great bullpen gets the game…..

  3. Michael Norris yarritsblake Mike, I think that he should have been used out of the bullpen before starting. I wouldn’t want him making his first start in NY. Sure it could be a big success, but weigh that against a bad outing because of that pressure. I would weigh on the caution side. This desperate team might wind up putting him in a position to lose confidence. Now, all of a sudden they are willing to break their previous do’s and don’ts.

  4. Robert Hamilton  Michael Norris yarritsblake  Well that was originally the plan, but with Wood hurt they needed an emergency start. I think that he will go no more than 5. Hopefully he has better luck than Lee….

  5. The first sign of panic. Management is in a desperation mode now! Love this kid but give him a few relief appearances first. Thus could reply screw him up. Don’t think he is ready to start

  6. Very few kids don’t get messed up.  More likely, they just weren’t as phenomenal as the hype.  The major leagues are special.  Bob Feller did great as does Bryce Harper.  What kind of a silly name for a kid us that?  Bryce?!

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