UPDATE: Puig Incident Details Roll In

We said last night as the initial reports came in via TMZ to be careful running with the story as, you know, it’s TMZ. Turns out holding off on those reports was wise as more details came in about the incident that paint Yasiel Puig in a brighter light, but don’t necessarily aid his overall picture.

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First, let’s get to what actually happened. This, via Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times:

Miami PD spokesman: “To the best of our knowledge, the only physical altercation was between the bouncer and Puig.”

— Dylan Hernandez (@dylanohernandez) November 28, 2015

This, before anything else, is critical to the story. While the incident is still under further investigation, the apparent lack of domestic violence aids Puig initially makes the story much less potentially devastating to his immediate future. Hernandez continues:

It sounds like, legally at least, Puig is pretty much in the clear. It also fits that TMZ would jump for the more juicy details, probably provided by everyone witnessing the “brawl” from an anti-Puig or pro-bouncer standpoint. It’s good to see that cooler heads prevailed.

The overriding story here, if you’re the Dodgers, is whether you feel comfortable with Puig at this point. On one hand, professional athletes and other celebrities always have a target on their backs publicly. Most who have handled that environment typically adjusts, but it doesn’t seem like Puig has. The Dodgers have to ask themselves if they think he can make such an adjustment.

If he can, and matures after the Dodgers trade him, any deal looks pretty stupid after the fact. If they keep him and he doesn’t mature, the team has to deal with a hole at his position.

First and foremost, it’s good to see this incident wasn’t as bad as initially reported. Now, though, it’s time to look ahead and see how the organization handles the situation moving forward.

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  1. I wonder what makes Puig so much different from Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb?  Is it the modern media?  

    And shoving one’s sister in a bar is domestic violence?   If my sister had two or three drinks and was up in my face, I might consider pushing her back, which I would not consider a domestic violence offense.  

    Headline writers must love Puig for frequently giving them the makings of sensationalism.

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