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Video: Are The Dodgers Backing Up The Brinks Truck For Bryce Harper?

While you were sleeping, the Los Angeles Dodgers may have jumped back into the wild mix for free agent Bryce Harper. Now, a little wrinkle on the story develops further. However small coincidence it may seem – a Brinks truck was spotted at the Dodgers facilities.

Of course, this is just hours after the Dodgers contingency (including manager Dave Roberts) met with Harper in Las Vegas. Still – with all things – this may just end up serving as a small memory of humor. Or it could be something more. Pedro Gomez of ESPN has a video of the occurrence.

First, let’s look at what shook out after the meeting with Harper.

Tweets Following The Dodgers Meeting With Bryce Harper in Las Vegas:

Looking at things in a logistic nature – why would manager Dave Roberts fly out of spring training after a long Sunday game for nothing? Certainly, there could be more to this than meets the eye. That is to say – if you believe this was just a ‘casual’ meeting of getting to know Harper better. After all, Roberts could do that on the telephone.

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It seems more likely that an in-person meeting serves as a buffer of ‘if’ scenarios. The Dodgers and their manager could be asking Bryce ‘if we sign you to this deal, are you okay hitting in the ___ spot in the lineup?’.

Final Word

Moreover, if you’re excited about this recent development; it’s okay to be. Without question, I am one of those people. And suddenly the Dodgers without Harper just seem a little vanilla to me. I am hoping the Dodgers offer Harper a long-term deal with an opt out after say; five years, if certain numbers aren’t met.

Let’s get this done, and put it to rest! What say you, Dodgers Nation?

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  1. Sign him, trade Joc for some reliable relief guys, and play this outfield until someone gets hurt: Bellinger LF, Pollock CF, Harper RF. Give him a record yearly of $40 mil, but for 5 years. He can still float over Manny’s paltry ?30 mil per year. Could mean 3 WA titles in those 5 years if everyone stays healthy.

    1. I want Belli at first. Gold glove and not as much energy expended as roaming around the outfield IMO. PS- I was FB in American Legion. A REAL poor man’s Steve Garvey. I could dig em out of the dirt and hit, but NO arm!

  2. Clint, I would be OK with this, even though he is yet another LHB, otherwise I would be really thrilled. But my guess is by Tuesday, as was suggested he will sign with the Phillies, as they are willing to give him that long term deal he wants….

  3. I’m still not sure about Harper. I think the Dodgers would do good with out him. Dodgers might have to give up too much for Harper, I mean they gotta let go one or two players to help with the salary.

  4. There’s already going to be platooning as it is with Muncy and Taylor at 2B and the cluster of Pederson, Kike, Taylor and Toles in LF. We need to be subtracting not adding

  5. Sign Harper and try to resurrect the Kluber deal for Verdugo or Joc. We are going to need another starting pitcher. My gut feeling is that CK is done. Carpe diem!

    1. Gary Granade. I would prefer to go after another pitcher e.g. Kluber or Bauer. IMO Kershaw’s injury is more serious than the Dodgers would like to admit. The Indians are going to ask for the moon for their pitchers though.

  6. Just Harper is enough, I think. Verdugo and Joc would both be expendable because neither wants to be the 4th outfielder. Kike and Chris are the 4th outfielder. They have all positions covered other than catcher and pitcher. We need a solid pinch hitter and/or one more reliever that doesn’t come at an exhorbitant price.

  7. Harper adds too much to deny he will be of benefit to the team, he is a must get. I’ll be buying a Jersey as soon as he signs (gotta replace my Puig), Joc will slot in nicely as a platoon/pinch hitter. Verdugo can platoon with Pollock to keep him healthy as well. I cant wait to make the trip from Australia to watch the team in late May.
    Hope to see about 6 games while I’m in town

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