Video: Clayton Kershaw Discusses His Meal During Days When He Starts

Ever wonder what Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw eats before a start? Kershaw joined the Chatting Cage on and answered a multitude of questions ranging from what he eats before his start to what he thinks is the biggest reason for his success.

So far this season, Kershaw is 5-4 with a 1.84 ERA, but has been snakebitten in his past few starts by the bullpen’s inability to hold the lead.

Kershaw is slated to become a free agent next season and its recently been reported him and his agent have spoken to management about an extension. However, before the season started Kershaw was adamant about no in-season negotiations and was perturbed that the Dodgers leaked the information.

Regardless, Kershaw has always been very interactive with the fans and getting an inside look into his personal routine is great to hear about.

Here is the video of Kershaw discussing his pre-game meal:

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