VIDEO: Dodgers Fan Jumps Into Pool At Chase Field After Sweep

This has got to be one of the most awesome things I have ever seen.

On Monday, the Dodgers completed the sweep against the Diamondbacks and secured their spot in the NLCS. This year, celebrations were kept on the field and in the clubhouse. Dave Roberts had told the media Sunday night that the team would not be celebrating in the pool at Chase Field like the Dodgers did back in 2013 when they clinched the NL West title.

Even if the Dodgers had changed their minds, they wouldn’t have been able to jump in the pool because the Diamondbacks stationed police on horseback to guard it!

Well this Dodgers fan decided to take matters into his own hands! After Kenley Jansen struck out Paul Goldschmidt, he performed the most epic cannon ball the pool has probably ever seen. To make it even better, he was rocking a clean Fernando Valenzuela jersey.

Check out the video below. compliments of Jason Suttor:

Here is what the video’s description says:

Long story short. My friend Gabe and I got invite to Pool Suite at Diamondbacks and Dodgers for Game 3. Gabe said “If the Dodgers win, I’m jumping in the pool.” Well here is the video.

Needless to say, Gabe is a legend!

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