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VIDEO: Dodgers’ Yu Darvish Jokes Around About His Good-Looking Face

Yu Darvish will pitch Game 3 of the NLDS against Zack Greinke and the Diamondbacks on Monday. Since coming to the Dodgers, Yu Darvish has been provided with a plethora of information to improve his pitching mechanics. So far, it seems like that information has changed him for the better.

Darvish was 6-9 with the Rangers and held a hefty 4.01 ERA. Since coming to the Dodgers, he is 4-3 with an ERA of 3.44. His first two starts with the Dodgers were great and it was looking like the Dodgers made the right move. However, Darvish struggled in his next four starts after that. In two of those starts, Yu Darvish went a combined 7.1 innings and gave up ten runs on 13 hits. Luckily, his last three starts to close the season were masterful and very promising going into October.

In three starts and a total of 19.1 innings pitched, Darvish gave up just two runs on nine hits. He also had 21 strikeouts and walked just one batter. Needless to say, the changes have worked and it’s ridiculous that the Dodgers have a pitcher of this caliber as their number three starter in the NLDS.

Here is what Yu Darvish had to say about the information that he has been given and how he’s been able to utilize it:

I’ve been pitching really well and right now I’m trying to focus on what I do and not to worry about what they do. Basically I want to pitch out of my strength and of course they give me information so I’m going to pitch basically with my strength and with that little bit of information that they get to me that I think I can use and I think its going to be very helpful for tomorrow’s outing.

Darvish was also asked what the Dodgers have asked him not to change, and his response was hilarious!

This is going to be one exciting matchup. Game 3 of the NLDS will begin at 7:08 p.m. PT, so be sure to tune in and check out Darvish’s new mechanics and his good-looking face!

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