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VIDEO: Donald Sterling Critical Of Magic Johnson’s Community Efforts

Widely considered the public image of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ownership group, Magic Johnson has been at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal since the Los Angeles Clippers owner’s racist remarks were released nearly one month ago.

Sterling’s defamatory comments centered around his former girlfriend, V. Stiviano’s photograph with the Los Angeles Lakers legend. After the comments came to light, Johnson expressed his disappoint for the situation and said he wouldn’t attend a Clippers game so long as Sterling remained the owner.

However, Johnson attended Game 4 of the Clippers semifinals series with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In an exclusive interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Sterling discussed Johnson attending the game and the embattled owner also used the opportunity to question Johnson’s community efforts and previous transgressions.

Sterling aslo adds he respects Johnson and claims he doesn’t have a role in the scandal as he didn’t do anything harmful. The connection between Johnson and Sterling doesn’t appear to have a clear ending forthcoming due to Johnson’s rumored interested in purchasing the Clippers once they are put up for sale.
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