Video: ‘Jeopardy’ Takes Shot At Former Giants Slugger Barry Bonds

Barry BondsFormer San Francisco Giants star Barry Bonds tormented the Dodgers and Dodger fans during his 15-year career in the Bay Area. Bonds hits .269 with 63 home runs and 152 against the Dodgers with a ridiculous .441 OBP and .906 OPS.

Baseball’s home run king also hit three milestone home runs against the Dodgers: his 500th career home run, his 71st home run of the 2001 season which passed Mark McGwire and his 73rd home run, setting the single season record.

However, Bonds retired after the 2007 season and has been dealing with reports of steroid use, perjury charges and house arrests after removing himself from the baseball spotlight. Still, Bonds isn’t safe from a jab here and there and Jeopardy!  took a shot at him on last night’s telecast. 

When host Alex Trabek asked the question, “He fathered baseball star Barry Bonds”, the word star was replaced by an asterisk. It’s believed by many that Bonds’s records should be marked in the record books with an * due to his connection to steroids.

Here’s the video from Jeopardy! taking a direct shot at the seven-time All-Star:

Ross Gasmer

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