Video: Peter Gammons Discusses Possible Moves Remaining For Dodgers

Japan v Australia - WBC 2013 FriendlyTo the surprise of many, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been quiet thus far during the off-season. Re-signing veterans Brian Wilson, J.P. Howell and Juan Uribe were priorities while they made another strong addition in signing Dan Haren to a one-year deal for the back end of the rotation.

Still, many expected the Dodgers to trade one of their four outfielders with Matt Kemp at the heart of all the rumors or deal their top prospects for Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price. While there’s still time for those moves to be made, the Dodgers look like they’ll wait out the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes, but adding to the bench is a strong priority among Dodger fans.

Talking with the MLB Tonight crew, insider Peter Gammons discussed what type of moves to expect from the Dodgers in the coming weeks as there are certainly some holes to fill.

Ross Gasmer

Ross Gasmer is a Social Media Producer for @TheHerd and was a contributing writer and editor for Dodger Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Ross_Gasmer12

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