VIDEO: Van Slyke Gets Pranked In Dugot And Crawford Trade Rumors

Dodgers Were Looking To Shop Carl Crawford In 2013, Who May Be On The Trading Block Now?

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In the midst of all the trade rumors, this week we learned about who the Dodgers were willing to shop back in 2013, as 10 months of Houston Astros’ trade talks were leaked. Deadspin.com first reported the leaked talks that rumored the Dodgers discussing trade scenarios involving outfielder Carl Crawford. The Dodgers were supposedly looking for backend starting pitching and middle infield depth. According to those rumors, Matt Kemp, Andre Either and Scott Van Slyke weren’t included in the talks, but who knows what could happen this year, especially with a crowded outfield.

While Puig has maintained his spot in right field, Crawford went down with a sprained ankle back in May accelerating Kemp’s transition to left field. Since then, Ethier and Van Slyke have been splitting time in center field. Crawford’s recovery has taken longer than expected and he mentioned he wouldn’t play until he was 100%. He expressed his frustration with the situation in the outfield and mentioned he didn’t know what position he was going to play when he returns. He told the LA Times,

“They tell us one thing and something else happens. We can’t go by what they say. It’s been frustrating for all of us. We have to be men about the situation and accept what is going on and try to do the best for the team.”

What do you guys think is best for the team? The Dodgers are approaching mid-season leading the NL West, but should Mattingly rotate players again once Crawford is back? Or, is he still the odd man out?

Also this week in Dodgers news, the Dodgers have reclaimed their spot as “Best in the West” making up 9.5 games in three weeks to surpass the Giants. While the Dodgers have been bringing the heat on the field, they’ve also raised the temperature in the dugout, literally. The team played a “hot foot” prank on Scott Van Slyke during their 6-0 win over the Cardinals.

As you can see in the video below, at the bottom of the 7th, teammates attached a group of matches held together with a piece of gum to Van Slyke’s right cleat. In the 8th, Adrian Gonzalez came in for the lighting and successfully lit the matches. Once Van Slyke got a whiff of the smoke, the prank was in full motion as teammates sat back and watched the success of their hilarious prank. Even Vin Scully provided commentary for viewers at home as Van Slyke realized what was happening and finally kicked the matches off of his cleat.

It was a job well done, but not everyone was a fan of the flaming foot including the LA City Fire Department. Captain Jaime Moore told TMZ Sports, “These guys are supposed to be role models and playing with fire is not a joke.” The Director of External Affairs for the US Fire Administration added, “We work tirelessly to warn people of the dangers of fire and to see it celebrated by professional athletes, on TV and in front of kids, is frustrating.”

I thought it was pretty funny and added to the array of other pranks the team has pulled off in the clubhouse for some good old team bonding. What do you guys think? Did the team go too far or did officials take it too seriously? Sound off in the comments below and tweet us your opinion @DodgersNation.

Scott Van Slyke Gets Pranked, Dodgers Light His Cleat On Fire With Bundle Of Matches!

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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