Vin Scully Interview With Dan Patrick on Final Broadcast and More

This morning in an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Vin Scully spoke about his plans for his final home stand broadcast at Dodgers Stadium and final broadcast in San Francisco.

In his 67th and final season as the Dodgers broadcaster, for Vin Scully the love for baseball started nearly 80 years ago as a young eight year old walking home from school.

I was about 8 and half years old.. and I was coming home from grammar school walking the 20 blocks.. and it was october 2nd 1936 and I was walking by a Chinese  laundry, and in the window was the line score of the World Series game played that day. I stopped and looked and the Yankees beat the Giants.. 18 to 4. And as a small child, my first thought was “oh those poor Giants”. So since the Polo Grounds was only 20 blocks from my school and fact that we got out at 2:30 and games started at 3:15, plus the fact I was a member of the police athletic league.. I could go to games free Monday through Friday, so I became a rabid Giants fan.

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For Vin, as time will have it, his final broadcast on October 2nd, 2016 in San Francisco will be on exactly the same day 80 years ago, when he first fell in love with baseball and the Giants. On plans for his final game at Dodger Stadium, Vin has a penned letter for Dodgers fans in attendance as well as a special surprise.

Now that it is my last year, considering all the years that I did, its become kind of a big deal. So its embarrassing,most appreciative but embarrassing. So I don’t want to break down on the air, I don’t want to get overly emotional and I might..

I can tell you this much, theres a letter I wrote which will be given out to all the fans I think Friday the 23rd, its a letter of dedication to the fans. And then theres something else I did which will be I think quite a shock, quite a surprise and I’m not saying what that is..

For most if not all Dodgers fans, Vin’s decision to not broadcast postseason playoff games came as a disappointment, however, Vin humbly and modestly explains his decision:

I gave it some thought, naturally and I didn’t want to sound like I’m saying goodbye in grand opera.. and I thought “you know? I’m going to say goodbye in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium and then I’m going to say goodbye up in San Francisco for the end of it”. I didn’t want to do all those and comeback and do radio in the postseason.. I will have said goodbye twice, and I think thats enough.

For Vin he has relished his moments behind the scenes painting a perfect picture every time he gets behind the microphone and come October 2nd, 2016 in San Fransisco baseball will loose a true legend.

To listen to the full interview with Vin Scully click the link below:


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