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Vin Scully Recognized by Los Angeles Kings Organization

The great Vin Scully is no stranger to visitors when teams visit Los Angeles. Washington’s young stud Bryce Harper made it a point to meet Vin in his press box when the Nationals were in town. More recently, Ray’s starting pitcher Chris Archer visited Vin Scully to meet the legendary announcer. Well, Vin received another guest on Tuesday, but this time it was a fellow announcing legend in Bob Miller of the Los Angeles Kings!

Miller visited Scully and presented him with a custom Los Angeles Kings jersey to commemorate his 67 years with the Dodgers. Between the two legends, they stack up a staggering 110 years of experience! Apparently the number 67 in hockey means a prospect, so it looks like after this year we might see Vin trying his stuff on the ice alongside the likes of Drew Doughty and Tyler Toffoli!

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The Dodgers will be hosting LA Kings night at Dodger Stadium on Friday, August 12th. The special tickets will include a sweet co-branded scarf, perfect for when you can’t decide between representing the LA Kings or LA Dodgers! Click here to purchase tickets today, hope to see you there!

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