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WATCH: Dodgers Rookies Share Dark Secrets

Finally, we get to learn more about the personalities behind Los Angeles Dodgers Tony Gonsolin, Dustin May, and Matt Beaty. Actually, we have gotten to know Beaty due to his appearance on our Blue Heaven Podcast.

Still, these three Dodgers players participated in a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with BuzzFeed. And it was pretty interesting to hear three guys you don’t see with a microphone in front of them each night talk about such random topics. Furthermore, it had people ‘buzzing’ on social media.

In any case – if you missed it – we have you covered.

Things you are about to learn:

  • Matt Beaty has worn dirty underwear due to superstition
  • Three Dodgers take baseball tips from their significant others
  • Tony “Smokes” Gonsolin got lost at Dodger Stadium
  • All three players watched Stranger Things in a single day on Netflix
  • Both pitchers have fallen asleep during a baseball game

One of the most interesting things revealed was that only one of the three players has consumed a Dodger Dog during a baseball game. Furthermore, all three in consensus have hung out with an opposing player after a game or beforehand.

None of the three players have cried watching a Disney movie. However, Beaty has gotten caught singing in the car and shower.

You’ll need to watch the full video for a few grins and to learn everything you need to know about these three. Also, I feel like every player from the Dodgers or all around baseball should partake in a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’. It’s pretty interesting to hear about the stories that come about or just to see the human side of these guys once in a while.

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